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(Mar. 28)
Working as an Attorney
The Experience of Being Seconded to a Law Office from a Corporation
Risa Takahashi
(Mar. 7)
A Graduate of the Chuo University Correspondence Division Becomes a California Attorney
Kazumi Takahara
Staff member at the U.S. Navy Region Legal Service Office Japan (California-licensed Attorney)
(Jan. 31)
My Path from a Scientific Researcher to a Law Student and an Attorney
Takeshi Matsumura
Attorney at Law
(Jan. 17)
My Career and Research?University Evaluation and Language Policy
Itaru Oda
Chief of the General Affairs & Planning Division, the Japan University Accreditation Association
(Dec. 6)
What Does a Prefectural Assembly Member Do?
Teruki Koga
Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly
(Nov. 8)
Towards 40 Years of Information Disclosure
Akira Morita
(Oct. 11)
One Form of International Contribution that Supports Globalization of Japan
Ryota Mori
Organization for Technical Intern Training
(Sep. 20)
As a lawyer Who, Instead of Settling Disputes, Prevents Disputes ?Aiming for No Inheritance Troubles
Atsushi Iseda
Lawyer and Certified Public Accountant
(Jun. 21)
Coming into My Own as a Female Lawyer? Life as a Small-town Lawyer at the Kumagaya Branch
Aoi Namaizawa
Instructor of Legal Practice, Chuo Law School
(Jun. 14)
Government Career, Legal Career
Hitoshi Iwata
Instructor of Legal Practice, Chuo Law School
(May. 31)
Transferring from University to Kasumigaseki?My Work at an Investigatory Organization
Dr. iur. Toshiyuki Ishikawa
Full-time Member of the Japan Transport Safety Board
(former Professor in the Chuo Law School)
(Apr. 26)
Toward a Society in which it is Possible to Select from Diverse Working Styles
Yumiko Sasaki
Labor and Social Security Attorney
President, Grace Partners Co., Ltd.


(Mar. 29)
“One for All, All for One”
How to Realize the Principles of Cooperative Associations
Mineo Nakagawa
Central Union of Agricultural Cooperatives
(Mar. 15)
The Attraction and Development of Business Restructuring and Insolvency Proceedings
Nobuaki Kobayashi
Lawyer, Nagashima Ohno & Tsunematsu
(Mar. 1)
Would You Like to be Involved in Activities for Legal Technical Assistance?
Fumie Fukuoka
Professor, Government Attorney, International Cooperation Department, Research and Training Institute, Ministry of Justice
(Feb. 1)
Close Relationship Between Law and Real Estate
Masako Nagamori
(Dec. 22)
“Importance of Top Management Commitment in Compliance Activities”
Ted Sugiyama
Executive Officer, Senior Vice President Legal and Compliance, Kao Corporation
(Dec. 7)
As a Lawyer Involved in Medicine
Kazuya Matsuishi
Lawyer, Takada & Koumi Law Office
(Nov. 9)
Won’t you Become a Professional Needed by the Community?
Hiroshi Iguchi
(July. 13)
Coexistence of Nature and Human Beings The Importance of Words
Shizuko Sugii
Lawyer, Himesyara Law Office
(June. 15)
Married Couple who are Lawyers?30 years since Meeting at Chuo University
Kazuhiro Akisada
Lawyer, Yoshiba & Akisada Law Office
Hiroko Yoshiba
Lawyer, Yoshiba & Akisada Law Office
(May. 11)
Are You Familiar with the Term LGBT?
Yuki Higashi
Member of 9.5th Graduating Class, Chuo Graduate School of Strategic Management (MBA)
(Apr. 6)
Encounters and Discoveries ?Through My Work as a Public Prosecutor
Kosuke Kajimoto
Public Prosecutor
Matsumoto Branch & Suwa Branch, Nagano District Public Prosecutors Office


(Mar. 23)
Working as a Lawyer in my Hometown
Norihisa Yamazaki
(Mar. 16)
Tokyo District Court Civil Division:
Current Status and Issues
Takao Nakayama
Judge, Tokyo District Court
(Mar. 2)
What is it like working as a lawyer?
?Small talk by a lawyer from Kagoshima
Yukimasa Ueyama
Lawyer, Director of Ueyama Law Office, Legal Professional Corporation Kagoshima
(Feb. 23)
Compliance Intended to Increase Corporate Value at “Small Offices”
?Fostering Small-Scale Legal Departments with a Big Role?
Nobuhide Yamamoto
Senior Legal Manager, Corporate Administration Division, Solar Frontier K.K.
(Feb. 16)
Teaching at a Law School in the US
―――16 Years of Crossing the Ocean and Wearing Two Hats
Kozo Yabe
(Feb. 9)
What you can do with two different licenses
Daisuke Hirano
Lawyer and doctor
(Jan. 16)
Two Lives as a Single Person
Tadahiro Fujikawa
Lawyer, T and T Partners Law Office
(Dec. 15)
My Student Life in New York ?Learning from the City and the People
Shinsuke Kaneko
Lawyer, Morrison & Foerster LLP Registered Associated Offices of Ito & Mitomi
(Dec. 1)
Serving as a Lawyer in Remote Islands ? Message from Amami Oshima ?
Tomohiko Wada
Lawyer, Manager of Amami Asunaro Law Office of Asunaro Legal Professional Corporation
(Nov. 17)
Legal trials are not somebody else’s business
Hazumu Kato
Assistant Judge, Hiroshima District/ Family Court
(Oct. 20)
Living as a country lawyer
Shinjiro Yorii
Director, Shimanami Law Office
(Sep. 8)
Never to Experience a Nuclear Accident Again
Yuichiro Ishimori
Ishimori Comprehensive Law Office
(Sep. 8)
Why is compliance so important in business operations?
Ted Sugiyama
Executive Officer, Senior Vice President Legal and Compliance, Kao Corporation
(July. 7)
Bridge over the sea: A modern Japanese envoy to China
Nobuyuki Tsuji
Chairperson of Management Committee, NPO Tokyo Academy for Liberal Arts
Doctoral Program in Chuo University Graduate School of Policy Studies
(June. 2)
Developing and Enriching Cities
Noriyasu Hirano
Urban Planning and Development Division, Mori Building Co., Ltd.
Graduate of the Faculty of Science and Engineering


(Mar. 24)
Improving communication styles
Ryudo Nakakura
Freelance Announcer, Media Producer
(Feb. 25)
Becoming a Lawyer on the Front Line in Business
Kumiko Togashi
Attorney at Law, General Affairs Division, Seven & i Holdings Co., Ltd.
Graduate of Chuo Law School, 2006
(Jan. 28)
My involvement with animation
Fuminori Honda
Animation Producer
Graduate of the Faculty of Policy Studies, Chuo University (2004)
(Dec. 17)
Can Lawyers Adapt? Changes in society’s needs
Minato Kaji
Attorney at Law
Graduate of Chuo University and Chuo Law School
(Nov. 19)
Skills for global Japanese
Masahiko Itoi
Director of PricewaterhouseCoopers Co., Ltd. (PwC) and Representative of Japanese Enterprise Section of Russia and CIS
Graduate of the Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University
(Oct. 22)
Resolving the issue of sparse judiciary
Yu Yonemoto
Lawyer and Director of Yaeyama Himawari Law Office in Okinawa
(Sep. 24)
Know your negotiating partner
Osamu Inoue
General Counsel, Hewlett-Packard Japan, Ltd.
Attorney at Law in New York State
(Aug. 27)
Excelling in University, National and World Level
Rio Matsunaga
Faculty of Commerce Graduate; Volleyball Club Coach
(Jul. 30)
The importance of practicing and studying every day
Takafumi Yanase
Three-time participant in the Hakone Ekiden
(Member of the 68th class of legal apprentices)
(Jul. 02)
The front line in Myanmar
Wataru Shiraishi
Toyota Tsusho Corporation
(currently dispatched to Toyota Tsusho Insurance Management Corporation)
(Jun. 04)
From Asia to the world: Expanding business steadily
Osamu Suzuki
Vice President of Nanko Club
(May. 07)
There’s 206972... I Passed!
Ryo Ito
(2nd year student, Faculty of Commerce)
Youngest Chuo student to pass the Certified Public Accountant Examination
(Apr. 09)
Friends at the Minamidaira Dorm
Taro Shirato
(Mar. 12)
Bringing frozen konjac to the world ―Delicious recipes for losing weight, looking younger and improving skin quality!
Sawako Hashizume
Cooking Expert for Frozen Konjac, Acupuncturist
(Feb. 12)
Creating best-sellers: Over 1.18 million copies standalone
Masahiro Sato
Sales Manager, Discover 21, Inc
(Jan. 15)
Take chances - Experience is everything
Chihiro Sato
an official of Fukushima Prefectural Government Office


(Dec. 11)
Effort is Rewarded―Wearing three hats at the Chuo University Faculty of Law―
Stable Master Takeharu Onaruto
Former Ozeki Dejima Takeharu
(Nov. 13)
Expanding business through a win-win-win arrangement for sellers, buyers and society
Taku Motoya
APA Hotels & Resorts Representative Executive Director
(Oct. 16)
Conveying the Moment ―Extensive preparation for a short message―
Sumie Sone
Freelance Newscaster
(Sep. 18)
Miss Akitakomachi ? Proud rice promoter
Hiromi Suzuki, Masters student, Chuo University Graduate School of Science and Engineering
Miss Akitakomachi 2013
(Aug. 21)
Tanabata Princess Orihime visits Chuo
Yuko Usui (4th-year student, Faculty of Economics)
Shonan Hiratsuka Princess Orihime 2014
(Jul. 24)
To Become the Strongest Player
Yuko Onizawa (graduate of the Faculty of Law, Chuo University)
Currently studying at the University of Hawaii after working as an advertising agent, university staff of public relations, and radio DJ.
(Jun. 26)
Skills for the global battlefield
George Itagoshi
International Management Consultant, International Expansion and Venture Producer,
President and CEO of IS Group, Inc.
(May. 29)
First Chuo Rakugo Star
Yamato Katsura (former name: Shisai)
Master of Rakugo
(May. 1)
Screening Over 500 Games a Year ? Busier Days After Tanaka Joins Yankees
Mr. Yoshikazu Fukushima
Major League Baseball Commentator
(Apr. 3)
International trade fair bridging the world and Japan
Akira Kono
Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.
(Mar. 6)
From attorney to judge
Kiyo Yoshida
Judge, Fukuoka District Court
(Jan. 16)
Changing the history at World Championships
Shinri Shioura
Swimming Club, Chuo University (Bronze medal in men’s freestyle event in swimming, FINA World Championships)


(Dec. 5)
Life as a top athlete
Shota Iizuka
Member of the Chuo University Men’s Track & Field Team (competed in the London Olympics and Moscow World Championships)
(Nov. 7)
The Multitalented Popular Golfer
Mr. Take Koyama
Professional golfer
(Sep. 19)
There is no equality in results?Now is the time for change in educational policy?
Toshiaki Endo
Chairman of the LDP Education Rebuilding Council
Member of the House of Representatives
(Sep. 12)
Persevering for 3 Years
Ms. Masako Takada
Reporter for Josei Jishin
(Aug. 15)
A reporter for 30 years, but still feels like a student
Mr. Tsuyoshi Uchiyama
Editor-in-Chief of Campal, the Mainichi Newspapers
(Jul. 18)
Focus on your goals
Mr. Atsuhito Ito
OECD (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development)
Executive Directorate, Head of Expenditure Section
(Jun. 20)
Living three lives
-Efficient time management in 24 hours
Ms. Konomi Asazu
Competitor in Women’s Bobsled at Vancouver Olympics
(May. 23)
Realizing an energetic and speedy corporation
Mr. Toyo Murohashi
Sr. Manager of Sales & Marketing
The Well Pacific Worldwide Ltd.
(Apr. 25)
Intelligence infrastructure made in the private sector
Hitomi Endo
Yotsuya Library, Shinjuku Ward (event planning, public relations)
(Mar. 28)
Going alone to China to find my own unique strengths
Mr. Koichi Kobori
(Feb. 28)
I'm an entertainer-so I want to be glamorous!
Ms. Tsuruko Hayashiya
Rakugo storyteller
(Jan. 31)
A soldier with the power of a pen
Ms. Maki Uchiyama
International Division, Yachiyo Engineering Co., Ltd.


(Dec. 27)
TV is still no.1 in the mass media market
~Physical strength is demanded for in personnel~
Naoki Takekata
TBS Television Sports Department Business Promotion Section assistant director
(Nov. 29)
From an aspiring tax accountant to announcer
Overcoming erythrophobia a turning point
Naomasa Terashima
Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Programming Department Production Unit full-time chief announcer
(Nov. 1)
Wearing the two hats of “development consultant” and “author”
Mika Matsumura
Development Consultant & Author
(Oct. 4)
I Am Glad I Have This Face
Teruaki Fujii
Doctor of Medicine
(Sep. 6)
Graduate becomes highest ranking priest
Shogen Kobayashi
High Priest of the Tendai sect of Buddhism, Chomeiji head priest
(Aug. 9)
Surviving the harsh work of freelancing
Mr. Hiroo Matsui
Medical journalist
(Jul. 12)
Secret behind the great success of the Marunouchi Tanita Cafeteria
Mr. Shuji Minami
Manager of Tanita Cafeteria NS Division
(Jun. 14)
Teaching rakugo in America
Mr. Sankyo Yanagiya
Rakugo performer
(May. 17)
For First Call Company
Mr. Kazushi Akiyama
President of Hokkaido Chizu Co., Ltd.
(Apr. 19)
Avid Reader & Former Rugby Player Now Fearless Independent Adperson
Mr. Akira Hirobe
Asatsu DK Co. Ltd.
(Mar. 22)
Only organizations which accept mistakes grow
Mr. Hiroshi Nojima
CEO & President of Nojima Corporation
(Feb. 23)
He Would Like Japan's Sushi Culture to Spread Throughout the World
Mr. Kiyoshi Kimura
President, Kiyomura Corporation, Sushizanmai Chain Store
(Jan. 26)
An Enthralling Talent
Mr. Makoto Naruke
Director and Founder, Inspire Corporation


(Dec. 22)
40 Years in the Newspaper Industry: Behind the Scenes of the Media
Mr. Takamitsu Kumasaka
Sankei Shimbun Representative, President and C.E.O., Sankei Shimbun Co., Ltd.
(Nov. 24)
Reaching the top as a coach - Life in baseball is infinite
Mr. Yushi Aida
Assistant Training Coach, Yomiuri Giants
(Oct. 27)
Sending Japanese Narration Overseas!
Mr. Ryuraku Sanyutei
Professional comic storyteller
(Sep. 29)
An invulnerable mountaineer, an indomitable life
Mr. Takayuki Inokuma
Mountain meteorologist
(Sep. 1)
Go with the flow - LET IT BOO!!
Boo Takagi
Comedian and Musician
(Aug. 4)
Rookie of the year in his first Spring League. To set his sights on the pros, first he needs to build up his body
Mr. Yosuke Shimabukuro
Chuo University Baseball Club (1st year student in the Faculty of Commerce)
(Jul. 7)
I want to believe in the power of music
Naoto Inti Raymi
(Jun. 9)
Sacred strips of Japanese paper instead of business cards. The world of Matsushin, overflowing with the flavor of Edo.
Mr. Shigeru Matsunuma
President of Matsushin Co., Ltd.
(May. 12)
The “Professional Talker” was a “Pathetic Stutterer” who threw away a dream to hold onto a goal
Mr. Tomoaki Ogura
(Apr. 14)
A new 11 year old - free and extreme
Mr. Kageki Shimoda
(Mar. 17)
Searching for a sport nobody plays, I came across cricket
Mr. Kenny Matsumura
Adviser for NPO Japan Cricket Association
(Feb. 17)
Lessons from a late-blooming literary figure
Mr. Jiro Asada
(Jan. 20)
First title at the All-Japan Sumo Championships!
A 29 year old amateur yokozuna, who has something
Mr. Satoru Shibuya
Sumo Wrestler, Nippon Express


Portraying Socially Awkward People Living Life to Its Fullest
Ms. Yuki Ibuki, Writer
Economic Analyst Kazuyo Katsuma's business partner is a former Jitatsugakkai member with a red-hot individualistic character
Mr. Tsukasa Jonen
Economic commentator and representative director of Audit & Analysis Corporation
A student life dedicated to Chuo Sports Newspaper
Mr. Tsuneo Takuchi
Founder of the Chuo Sports Newspaper Division, President of the Japanese Chapter of the ABBA Official Fan Club
Confirmation as Shichihei Yamamoto Prize recipient for the non-fiction Devoting This Life to Justice
Mr. Ryusho Kadota, Journalist (1983 Graduate from the Faculty of Law)
Known for the Smash Hit Dr. Koto's Shinryojo Manga Club Alumnus Mr. Takatoshi Yamada
Mr. Takatoshi Yamada, Cartoonist
Developed the magic bullet for Alzheimer's disease after overcoming many difficulties
Hachiro Sugimoto, Guest Professor, Cutting-edge Research Center for Medicine Development, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University (He graduated from Faculty of Science and Engineering in 1969)
Protecting Food Safety - Continuing a 30 Year Battle
Mrs. Michiko Kamiyama, Lawyer (1962 Graduate of the Faculty of Law)
Planning and Producing Hito no Sabaku. An Omnibus Film Now Showing Nationwide
Ms. Yuki Eguchi, Student in the 4th group of students majoring in film production of Department of Film Production, Graduate School of Film and New Media, Tokyo University of the Arts
Currently appearing on the TV program Gyoretsu no Dekiru Horitsu Sodanjo Also active in pursuits such as coaching elementary school volleyball
Mr. Yukio Kikuchi, Lawyer
Becoming Japan's Largest Integrated Retail Distribution Group by Standing in the Customer's Position and Using Breakthrough Thinking
Mr. Toshifumi Suzuki, Seven & i Holdings Representative Director and CEO
Utilizing his strength in the Korean language to work as both an instructor and translator
Mr. Kaoru Hasuike, Assistant Instructor, Niigata Sangyo University, Translator
(Apr. 8)
Organizing support for rebuilding citizens' lifestyles and disarmament in war-torn Afghanistan and Sudan
Ms. Rumiko Seya, Specified Nonprofit Organization Japan Center for Conflict Prevention (JCCP) Director
(Mar. 25)
Blazing Speed and Acrobatic Shooting
Mr. Kei Igarashi, Professional Basketball Player
(Mar. 11)
100 Yen Shop King. Chuo University's Tomorrow's Joe?
Mr. Hirotake Yano, Daiso Sangyo Inc. President
(Feb. 26)
The antiphilosophical form of a great philosopher in his 80s
Gen Kida, Philosopher, Professor Emeritus at Chuo University
(Feb. 12)
Passion for the grandeur of Chinese history, a continuing dream
Mr. Kenzo Kitakata, Writer
(Jan. 28)
First female member of the traditional Cheering Club at Chuo University
Ms. Mai Fuki, First Year Student in the Faculty of Letters
(Jan. 7)
Getting to know the host of NHK's morning show Sunday Debate
Mr. Toshio Shimada, Commentator

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Roundtable with Joban Kosan Chairman and Executive Director Kazuhiko Saito and Class of 2014 Graduates Reflecting the path to recovery and post-quake Tohoku

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