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Mr. Tsuneo Takuchi

Mr. Tsuneo Takuchi [Profile]

A student life dedicated to Chuo Sports Newspaper

Mr. Tsuneo Takuchi
Founder of the Chuo Sports Newspaper Division, President of the Japanese Chapter of the ABBA Official Fan Club

"I have entered Chuo University twice."

As if he were reminiscing over his life as a student, these were the first words spoken by Tsuneo Takeuchi as he discussed his memories upon visiting a Tama Campus enveloped in the humidity of the summer sun. Mr. Takeuchi is the founder of the Chuo Sports Newspaper, a very familiar periodical to Chuo University students.

"After finishing my first period of study at Chuo University, I obtained employment at a certain company. However, Chuo University had a poor reputation within that company, and I felt very frustrated. All members of my family had studied at Chuo University, so I had a great affinity towards my alma mater. Furthermore, I enjoyed every day of my student life since entering the university. I was frustrated that Chuo University was not highly regarded in the world despite being such a wonderful educational institution. I wanted to change this situation, and I decided to quit my company and enter the university again."

As shown by the quote above, courageous action was taken by Mr. Takeuchi, who currently works at a film distribution company. Had Mr. Takeuchi thought about the specific method that he would use to convey to the world the appeal of his alma mater Chuo University? "I wanted to increase the overall vitality of Chuo University through sports. When I was a child, it was customary for my family to gather together on New Year's Day and cheer for Chuo University while watching the Hakone Ekiden (relay road race). Also, Chuo was exceptionally strong in baseball at that time. I felt that it was a waste that this traditional strength was not known by students outside of sports teams. Of course, such a lack of knowledge was to be expected considering that no sports newspaper existed at Chuo University at that time. Therefore, I decided to found such a newspaper."

Although Mr. Takeuchi had developed a concept for invigorating the university, this was merely the starting line for a race filled with distress. "I began by discussing my idea with the university President and professors, but I received a poor reaction. I was busy proposing my plan to various people around me and, before I knew it, spring of my 4th year at university had passed (*2 years of study were waived due to reentry)." Mr. Takeuchi had been unable to make an earnest effort towards finding employment and he was feeling rushed and hasty. However, he had a fortunate encounter at this time. "I met Mr. Yamaguchi, Director of the Sports Teams Supporters Association. When I discussed my plan and ideas with Mr. Yamaguchi, he showed great understanding and elicited cooperation from many individuals affiliated with varsity team associations. From this point on, the gears of my plan began to turn smoothly. I received support from Nikkan Sports regarding technical issues such as page layout and writing style. At that time, a staff of about 40 people conducted all work from making appointments to handling advertising requests."

Chuo Sports Newspaper was completed by the day of the university festival held on November 1st, 1993. The inaugural issue contained 12 pages, a rewarding amount of reading materials for a newspaper made by students. "I was truly happy when we completed the inaugural issue, although only a surprisingly small amount of my personal savings remained!" The 100th issue of Chuo Sports was recently published, and the newspaper continues to be popular among students even today.

Going between two different worlds

Currently, Mr. Takeuchi works in the human resources department of a film distribution company that handles mainly Korean movies. Why did he choose to work in this industry? "I have always liked movies. When I was a student, you could watch a series of 3 movies by paying only 900 yen. Sometimes I spent my whole day inside of a movie theatre. I entered my current company after receiving an invitation from the company." Surprisingly, Mr. Takeuchi does not spend his enter day working. Instead, Mr. Takeuchi's everyday vitality is accelerated by his life in a different world.

"I have been a huge ABBA fan since I was in high school. My passion grew to the point that I contacted the headquarters of the official ABBA Fan Club in order to obtain a license in Japan and to found a Japanese branch of the fan club. Currently, I also write the liner notes for Japanese versions of ABBA CDs. A revival performance of the musical Mama Mia! will be held by the Shiki Theatrical Company in Tokyo from this December. I hope that everyone will come to see the musical at least once." Mr. Takeuchi's exceptional support activities include even the field of music.

"Since some time ago, I have written columns and essays and have provided employment guidance for new graduates and mid-career workers. Currently, I am writing a novel which concentrates on people in weak positions and people who are not recognized despite their hard work. I hope to write a work which will give courage to people in my generation and to the many young people who have become dispirited. I am also writing a book to mentor new graduates who are having trouble finding employment."

The different worlds in which Mr. Takeuchi is active will continue to expand in the future.

The spirit of "I have a dream"

Mr. Takeuchi concluded the discussion with an impassioned message to students currently studying at Chuo University. "It is said that finding employment is extremely difficult in the world today. However, I don't want Chuo University students to be disheartened by such negative words. Just accept the current situation, even if it means that your dream will not be immediately realized. Continue to hold on to your dream and focus on the work in front of your eyes until you are presented with a chance. Take your time."

Young people should not be afraid of having dreams.

※You can read a article of Mr. Tsuneo Takuchiin in Hakumon Chuo 2010 (issued on day of ceremony: November 13th, 2010) 125th Anniversary Special Issue

Mr. Tsuneo Takuchi
Born in 1964 in Asakusa, Tokyo. Raised in Tachikawa, Tokyo. After graduating from Tokyo Metropolitan Musashi Senior High School and Chuo University, obtained employment at a listed company. Left the company to reenter Chuo University. Published the first edition of the Chuo University Sports Newspaper Division. Founding of the newspaper required 8 years of planning and 1 million yen in personal expenses. After graduating from university a second time, worked at a manufacturer before obtaining employment at a film company. Specialist in human resources, education and sales promotion. At the same time, serves as President of the Japanese Chapter of the ABBA Official Fan Club. Translates ABBA lyrics and has produced the liner notes for numerous CDs & DVDs such as ABBA: The Movie, ABBA in Concert and The Very Best of ABBA. Has also written commentary in the pamphlet of Mamma Mia as performed by the Shiki Theatrical Company and in film (total of 30 thousand published). Writes social columns and essays. Holds free employment guidance seminars for new graduates and mid-career workers who are graduates of Chuo University. Also provides volunteer social welfare support at juvenile detention centers and for truant students, as well as volunteer tennis instruction at local facilities. His great uncle is Shugoro Yamamoto, author and winner of the Naoki Prize.