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Is the Knowledge Gained through Research Useful in Practice?

Kazunori Fukushima
Associate Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University

Is the knowledge gained through academic discourse (or in other words, through research and scholarship) useful in practice? To address this frequently raised question, several disciplines in the social sciences have been debating the issue of the research-practice gap.

(Jul. 18)

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Imagining an Entirety

Takumi Taguchi
Professor, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University

Is it possible to be aware of all things at once? If it is, how do you do it? Since I was a certain age, I've been obsessed with these seemingly unanswerable questions.

If you ask people these questions, the reactions vary. Some people may think that there's no sense in asking questions that you know are impossible to answer. I think that this is actually a very logical response.

(Jun. 6)

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Activities at the Research and Development Initiative

Yayoi Shigemune
Assistant Professor, Research and Development Initiative, Chuo University

Currently, I conduct research as an assistant professor in a unit name of Continuous Understanding of Developmental Disabilities and Dementia. The unit is led by Professor Akira Midorikawa for the Department of Psychology in the Faculty of Letters. Our unit examines whether continuity through hypersensitivity can be observed between developmental disabilities and typical development, or between developmental disabilities and dementia or higher brain dysfunction.

(Jul. 11)

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Exploring Cellular Functions Using Micro Green Algae

Takako Kato-Minoura
Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Chuo University

The cytoskeleton exists within cells. Each of the cells forming our body depends on the cytoskeleton for the ability to assume certain shapes and to proliferate. Although the word “skeleton” may sound like something stiff, the cytoskeleton is actually a highly dynamic structure. Most types of cellular movement, including cell division and migration of leukocytes or cancer cells, are produced by the cytoskeleton.

(Jul. 4)

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Impressions as a Lawyer Supporting Respect for the Rule of Law

Yoshiko Honma

I graduated from the Chuo University Faculty of Law in March 1983, and became an attorney in 1991.

In this article, I will reflect upon my activities as an attorney. I will also discuss the rule of law and role of the legal profession.

(Jun. 20)

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How Can We Measure Learning Ability?
—Analysis of a Competency Self-Assessment Questionnaire—

Yu Saito
Teacher, Department of Japanese Linguistics, Chuo University Junior and Senior High School
Yoko Neha
Instructor, Department of Information, Chuo University Junior and Senior High School

After Chuo University Junior and Senior High School (hereinafter, “Chufu”) was designated as a Super Science High School (hereinafter, “SSH”) in the 2018 academic year, we decided to develop a competency based evaluation system.

(Mar. 22)

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Newest Edition 2019 Spring Issue
Student journalists report on the students’ take of Chuo University

Comeback by a Yachtsman
Finished Third in the World at an International Championship for Athletes with Disabilities



The school's history and motto have been passed on to graduates and students alike. Here is a visualization of Chuo University in the future.

Core Energy
Launching Chuo University's Knowledge into Action to the rest of the world, like an infinity of sparkling stars scattered throughout space.


Special Program

The Making of the Movie Kirakira Megane

Roundtable with Joban Kosan Chairman and Executive Director Kazuhiko Saito and Class of 2014 Graduates Reflecting the path to recovery and post-quake Tohoku

Round Table Talk
Legacy of a Great Philosopher ──His Way of Living and Attitude towards Research


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