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On the State of International Trade in the Current Age

Yoshimasa Komoriya
Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Chuo University

The situation surrounding international trade has been in turmoil since the inauguration of US President Donald Trump in January 2017. Starting with withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) immediately after his inauguration, in March 2018, the administration imposed tariffs on steel and aluminum.

(Aug. 1)

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Is the Knowledge Gained through Research Useful in Practice?

Kazunori Fukushima
Associate Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University

Is the knowledge gained through academic discourse (or in other words, through research and scholarship) useful in practice? To address this frequently raised question, several disciplines in the social sciences have been debating the issue of the research-practice gap.

(Jul. 18)

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Research Strategy with a Slightly Different Focus

Chihiro Matsui
Assistant Professor, Research and Development Initiative, Chuo University

I conduct research on memory systems using high-speed non-volatile semiconductor memories. Non-volatile semiconductor memory has capability of saving data without the need to supply power. Different types of non-volatile semiconductor memory have different advantages and disadvantages. For example, NAND flash memory is widely used as the storage medium for large-capacity SSD and USB.

(Aug. 22)

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Preventing Seashore Water Accidents Using Advanced Technologies

Toshinori Ishikawa
Professor, Chuo University Research and Development Initiative

As soon as I returned from the offshore to the beach with a swimmer, I was contacted via walkie-talkie to go back to offshore. During summer vacations in my school days, compared to the present, the beach was crowded with many people. Because I had better swimming ability than my fellow lifesavers, I was focusing on rescues for the swimmers who were pulled away to the sea and drowning swimmers. There were some precious lives that I could not save.

(Aug. 8)

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Working as a Lawyer at the Base of Mount Fuji

Mitsuo Okamura

I was a member of the first graduating class of the Chuo Law School. Afterwards, I served my legal apprenticeship as a member of the 60th class. I then spent about ten years working at a law office in Tokyo, where I mainly specialized in corporate law.

The next step in my career was to independently open a law office in Fujiyoshida City, Yamanashi Prefecture. Currently, my law office is in its third year of operation.

(Sep. 12)

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How Can We Measure Learning Ability?
—Analysis of a Competency Self-Assessment Questionnaire—

Yu Saito
Teacher, Department of Japanese Linguistics, Chuo University Junior and Senior High School
Yoko Neha
Instructor, Department of Information, Chuo University Junior and Senior High School

After Chuo University Junior and Senior High School (hereinafter, “Chufu”) was designated as a Super Science High School (hereinafter, “SSH”) in the 2018 academic year, we decided to develop a competency based evaluation system.

(Mar. 22)

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Newest Edition 2019 Spring Issue
Student journalists report on the students’ take of Chuo University

Comeback by a Yachtsman
Finished Third in the World at an International Championship for Athletes with Disabilities



The school's history and motto have been passed on to graduates and students alike. Here is a visualization of Chuo University in the future.

Core Energy
Launching Chuo University's Knowledge into Action to the rest of the world, like an infinity of sparkling stars scattered throughout space.


Special Program

The Making of the Movie Kirakira Megane

Roundtable with Joban Kosan Chairman and Executive Director Kazuhiko Saito and Class of 2014 Graduates Reflecting the path to recovery and post-quake Tohoku

Round Table Talk
Legacy of a Great Philosopher ──His Way of Living and Attitude towards Research


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