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Boo Takagi

Boo Takagi [Profile]

Go with the flow - LET IT BOO!!

Boo Takagi
Comedian and Musician

Boo Takagi, a graduate of the Faculty of Economics, is known both as a comedian for his work in the Drifters and also as a musician.

In the Kou-Boo-Cha band that he formed together with fellow members of the Drifters, Kouji Nakamoto and Cha Katou, he has performed in concerts and dinner shows, which are interweaved with laughter, all over the country. In the band Boo Takagi and New Halona, he has poured all his efforts into his life's work, Hawaiian music.

Boo's Ukulele

The musical instrument of Takagi is the ukulele. In the soft and full hands of Takagi, this small stringed musical instrument that looks very similar to a guitar produces the most beautiful tunes. There are many people who have been hesitant about musical performances, but Takagi's performance of ukulele encourages them to try music with the instruments.

Takagi and the ukulele met as a birthday present from his big brother when he was in the third grade of junior high school. There were no manuals or people around to teach him the ukulele, but after just a few months Takagi debuted with his band on stage at a summer festival. He then became hooked on the ukulele. After high school where he had immersed himself into the world of the ukulele, he took on the role as a member of the Hawaiian band Luna Hawaiian. Things were also going well for Takagi in his part time band, so before graduating from university, he made the decision to become a professional musician, turning down an unofficial offer from Tokyo Gas. Upon graduating, he formed the band Tomoyuki Takagi and Halona Serenaders and began life as a professional musician.

The birth of Boo Takagi, the Fifth Man

Takagi floated between various bands, such as jazz, chorus and an electric sound from Hawaiian. The instrument he was playing also went through changes, including the drums, banjo, electric guitar and more. For him, these changes did not have so formal meaning like trial and error. Takagi was drifting around without putting too much effort into anything. It was at this time that Chousuke Ikariya of the Drifters appeared before him.

Takagi became a member of the Drifters in 1964 and at this time, they were a rockabilly band that incorporated comic elements. Each person would have an instrument and their ability was at a level where they were the opening act for the Beatles tour of Japan.

Later, they started the TV show It's 8 O'Clock! Everybody Get Together that began to hit viewer ratings of 50% and the Drifters continued to march triumphantly onward. To all intents and purposes the Drifters then became inactive as a band and Takagi let go of his musical instruments to establish a character as a comical supporting role. Takagi's performance in the Drifters is as a burdensome character.

When he was playing in other bands, Takagi could often be seen standing in the middle of the stage as the leader and main vocalist. However, on stage in the Drifters, he stands right in the corner. Takagi expresses the opinion that he has pride in this position.

Among the Drifters, Takagi calls himself the fifth man. He is an ordinary person. However, that does not mean that he is not needed. It just has the meaning that this is Boo Takagi's position.

Reunion with Hawaiian

Takagi was past the age of 50 when he went solo together with the end of the monster hit show It's 8 O'clock! Everybody Get Together. When he was in his 30s and 40s, he continued working heavily, but from now he plans to do things at his own pace and to try and cherish the time with his family. When he was thinking like this, Takagi was reunited with Hawaiian music. Singing at a music event of a beer company was the trigger to resume activities in the music world and the band Boo Takagi and New Halona reformed mainly with former colleagues.

Takagi has been active with television appearances as a ukulele instructor, concerts, collaborations with Morning Musume, release of a solo album and opened (until July, 2006) a Hawaiian Bar Boo's Bar Halona in Azabujuuban. Together with these activities and against the background of the post-bubble era, a great many people rediscovered the ukulele.

He also wants to spread Hawaiian music to the younger generation.

Takagi's desires were also communicated across the ocean to Hawaii. Takagi was bestowed with a Hawaiian name in the Hawaiian language from Rubellite Kawena Johnson, a direct descendant of former Hawaiian king, King Kamehameha, for his contributions to the spread of Hawaiian culture. This name that he was given, Hoakokua, has the meaning of someone who supports friends and imparts the spirit.

No Rain, No Rainbow

If it doesn't rain, there will also be no rainbow. This is one of Takagi's favorite sayings.

Takagi has not fought too hard against the many changes in his life. In this way, without many desires, Takagi has a feeling of satisfaction with the environment that he currently finds himself placed in.

Takagi says "Life is luck, skill and chance." When these three elements combine, then a new path can open up, but even with talent or ability, sometimes things don't go smoothly.

The important thing is not to get down, but to keep a relaxed attitude. Above all, when life is giving you chances, you should make every effort possible.

Takagi is 78 and is still active. Precisely because it is the hard time like this, he wishes to play warm music. Without pushing himself, he would like to continue going at his own pace. He dreams of the rainbow after the rain.

Boo Takagi
Comedian and Musician
He was born in 1933 in Sugamo, Tokyo, as the youngest of six children. He became passionate about the ukuele after receiving one as a present from his older brother when he was in the third grade of junior high school. While attending the Faculty of Economics at Chuo University, he joined Luna Hawaiian and passed student life by being completely absorbed in music. Later, while working as a professional musician, he participated in the Drifters with Ikariya Chousuke. In 1966 they were the opening act on the Beatles tour of Japan. After the end of It's 8 O'Clock! Everybody Get Together which boasted extraordinary popularity, he went solo. He is active as a ukulele player. Together with playing in concerts, he also serves as a lecturer for the correspondence course Boo Takagi's Fun Ukulele. His real name, Tomonosuke Takagi, is the same as that of the 21st president of Chuo University and so this has led to a friendship being born between the two of them.