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Key Areas of Debate Surrounding the 2020 Tokyo Gubernatorial Election

Nobuo Sasaki
Professor Emeritus, Chuo University

This year will mark a major turning point for Tokyo. The age of growth we've been experiencing will end, there will no longer be special demands for the Olympics, and various problems such as depopulation and the aging population of Tokyo will be surfacing.

(Jan. 20)

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What I Learned from Tora-san

Takeshi Usami
Professor, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University

I never gave too much thought to the significance of the character Torajiro Kuruma, or Tora-san, in the film series Otoko wa Tsurai yo (It's Tough Being a Man). I knew about him to an extent, of course—you can't live in Japan without ever having heard of Torajiro Kuruma.

(Dec. 19)

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SDGs Goal 5: Addressing Challenges to Gender Equality-the Role of Universities

Emiko Nozawa
Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, Chuo University

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are development goals which were adopted at the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit 2015 with the aim of building a peaceful and fair society. 17 comprehensive Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were defined in order to achieve the eradication of poverty and hunger, establishment of healthcare and education, and conservation of biodiversity by 2030.

(Jan. 16)

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The significance of urban development in achieving SDGs

Hiroki Nakamura
Associate Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University

“2020 will be a major turning point in terms of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. 2020 is a milestone year—five years after the SDGs were adopted by the United Nations in 2015, and ten years for the achievement of goals in 2030.Up until 2020, we have been laying a path for the achievement of SDGs; 2020 is the year when we place all of our focus into taking action.

(Dec. 26)

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Memoir of the Egyptian Justice System

Kensuke Niwa

I graduated from the Chuo University Faculty of Law in 1964, registered as a lawyer in 1968, and in the same year joined Tadashi Hanai Law Office. Dr. Takuzo Hanai, the father-in-law of Tadashi Hanai, was a member of the first graduating class at Igirisu Horitsu Gakko (The English Law School), which was the predecessor of Chuo University.

(Nov. 7)

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How Can We Measure Learning Ability?
—Analysis of a Competency Self-Assessment Questionnaire—

Yu Saito
Teacher, Department of Japanese Linguistics, Chuo University Junior and Senior High School
Yoko Neha
Instructor, Department of Information, Chuo University Junior and Senior High School

After Chuo University Junior and Senior High School (hereinafter, “Chufu”) was designated as a Super Science High School (hereinafter, “SSH”) in the 2018 academic year, we decided to develop a competency based evaluation system.

(Mar. 22)

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Newest Edition 2019 Summer Issue
Student journalists report on the students’ take of Chuo University

Winning an International Competition through a Powerful Performance and Team Unity



The school's history and motto have been passed on to graduates and students alike. Here is a visualization of Chuo University in the future.

Core Energy
Launching Chuo University's Knowledge into Action to the rest of the world, like an infinity of sparkling stars scattered throughout space.


Special Program

The Making of the Movie Kirakira Megane

Roundtable with Joban Kosan Chairman and Executive Director Kazuhiko Saito and Class of 2014 Graduates Reflecting the path to recovery and post-quake Tohoku

Round Table Talk
Legacy of a Great Philosopher ──His Way of Living and Attitude towards Research


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