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Kobayashi receives award at Japan Electronic Materials Society

Noriko Kobayashi (Oh-ishi’s Laboratory), who is a first-year student in the master’s program (applied chemistry) of Graduate School of Science and Engineering, received the award for an excellent oral presentation at the 52nd autumn conference of Japan Electronic Materials Society. After rigorous screening, her presentation was selected as an outstanding one, and she was commended.

[Date and place]
Nov. 13, 2015; 5th floor of the Ceramic Society of Japan Bldg.

[Title of the presentation]
Synthesis and structural analysis of the phosphorescent agent Sr1-xEuxAI2O4 Noriko Kobayashi, Keita Suzuki, Kengo Oka, and Katsuyoshi Oh-ishi (Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Chuo University)

[Research content]
By meticulously studying the crystal structure of the oxide SrAl2O4 including europium (Eu) ion, which is used as a phosphorescent agent, with the Rietveld structural analysis method using ordinary X-rays as well as radiated light, they clarified the coexistence state of strontium (Sr) and europium (Eu) ions inside the crystal structure, which had been ignored, and indicated the importance of the relation between the coexistence state and luminescence properties.

This study is expected to provide particularly useful hints for seeking new phosphorescent agents or fluorescent materials.

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