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Komatsu develops artificial blood for dogs

Faculty of Science and Engineering (Applied Chemistry) Professor Teruyuki Komatsu’s research team has been successful in developing artificial blood for dogs.

Komatsu and his team have synthesized an oxygen-carrying protein, a cluster of a structure of hemoglobin enclosed in genetically modified dog serum albumin (hemoglobin-GM dog serum albumin) (brand name: HemoAct-C™), and clarified its function as an artificial oxygen-carrying substance for dogs (artificial red blood cells). This is a revolutionary invention that will provide an immediate solution for the severe issue of “securing blood for transfusions” that surrounds the veterinary medicine field, and is expected to make a huge contribution to animal blood transfusion therapy.

Teruyuki Komatsu (Chuo University Faculty of Science and Engineering, Applied Chemistry Department / Professor)
Motofusa Akiyama (Chuo University Faculty of Science and Engineering, Applied Chemistry Department / Assistant Professor)
Kana Yamada (Chuo University Graduate School of Science and Engineering / Master’s Program 2nd year)

【Conference presentation】
Conference title:22nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Blood Substitutes, Japan.
Dates: October 22 (Thurs) – 23 (Fri), 2015
Venue: Miyamoto Memorial Hall, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kumamoto University
Presentation date: October 22, 2015 (Thurs)
Session: Symposium 2
Research toward the Practical Application of the Artificial Oxygen-Carrying Substance “HemoAct”
Development of Artificial Blood for Dogs

For more information, please visit the press release (pdf file) and link below.

Press Release: Development of artificial blood for dogs (October 19, 2015 Chuo University)(PDF:436KB) new window

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