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Measuring cerebrospinal fluid

Ichiro Shoji, Professor of Chuo’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, released a press statement about his research and discovery of flow rate monitor method for cerebrospinal fluid.

Professor Shoji’s research group has discovered a method for real-time measurement of the flow of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) flowing through the shunt tube, during shunt operations for hydrocephalus treatment. When inserting a chunk of air into the tube, the air flows through the tube in the same speed as the CSF. By exposing the tube by a laser beam, there is a difference in reflectance (degree of reflection) between air and the fluid. Through this method, the flow of CSF can be monitored real-time by measuring the speed of the air flowing through the tube. This discovery will allow easier operation of the shunt system, and is expected to alleviate the burden of patients.

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