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USST in Chuo

Forty-two students from the University of Shanghai for Science and Technology (USST) visited Chuo University on August 4, 8, and 21, 2015. USST established the Japanese Culture Center in 2012 to study about Japanese culture and businesses, where every year a one-month tour to experience Japan is organized as a short-term summer program.
USST is one of Chuo’s partner universities and have built a strong relationship from the first round of their program. This time marked their third group of students visiting Chuo.

August 4, 2015 Tama Campus: Tour/ Meeting the Chancellor and President/ Student Presentations

Chuo's Chancellor and President Sakai welcomes USST's Director of Japanese Culture Center, He Weiming

The USST students first visited Chuo’s Tama Campus on August 4, led by He Weiming, Director of Japanese Culture Center and three other USST staff members, and met with Chuo’s Chancellor and President Shozaburo Sakai. One of the specializations of Chancellor and President Sakai is CSR activities of Chinese businesses. President Sakai mentioned the historical bonding of Japan and China, and his hope that the USST students are able to see how friendly the Japanese people are.
Director He also expressed his motivation for supporting the careers of Chinese exchange students who came to Japan.
After a tour around the campus, students from both universities gave presentations about their cultures.
The research students in Chuo’s Vice President and Director of International Center Chikako Takeishi gave a presentation on the “Values to learn in university to become global individuals.” Students from President Sakai’s research group gave a presentation about “The Chinese and their Shopping Spree” in Chinese. The presentations were followed by discussions about each topic.
Next, four students representing USST spoke about what they liked about the Japanese culture and what is popular among young Chinese. Chuo students were impressed at the USST students who gave a presentation in Chinese, English, and Japanese.

Professor Sakai's students give a presentation

Professor Takeishi's students give a presentation

USST students giving a presentation

USST students giving a presentation

Professor Takeishi gives feedback

August 8, 2015 Korakuen Campus: Faculty of Science and Engineering/ Visiting research labs

Chuo's Professor Ihara speaks as USST's Director of Japanese Culture Center He Weiming translates

The USST guests visited the Faculty of Science and Engineering in Korakuen on the same day the open campus was held for prospective students. The group visited 14 research labs as Professor Toru Ihara of the Department of Precision Mechanics explained about each of them.

Chuo student explains about his research

Chuo student explains about his research

Chuo student explains about his research

August 21, 2015 Tama Campus: Presentation Report/ Certificate of Completion

USST student receives certificate of completion from Professor Takeishi

A day before going back to China, the group got together at Tama Campus to give a final presentation of their one-month program. Six students representing USST gave the final report out. They mentioned about the beautiful scenery in Hokkaido where they visited, and the companies they visited such as Kokuyo, Kikkoman, and Japan Electronic, where they felt that the traditions and teamwork were the strengths that support the Japanese businesses. They were also happy to meet and make new friends at Chuo.

USST student gives a final report

Students from Vice President Takeishi’s research group also gave feedback about the one-month program. Following a speech by Chuo’s President Sakai and USST’s Director of Japanese Culture Center He Weiming, Chuo’s Vice President Takeishi presented certificates of completion to the USST students.

The one-month program ended in a success for both parties, and everyone enjoyed the networking reception in the end. We look forward to welcoming USST students again and continue to build strong ties between the two universities.