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Winners of Automotive Engineer Award

Faculty of Science and Engineering (Department of Precision Mechanics) Assistant Professor Akihiko Arimitsu and Professor Takeshi Toi have been awarded the Outstanding Technical Paper Award at the 65th Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan Awards. This award is presented to individuals or coauthors whose published papers have contributed to the development of automotive engineering or automotive technology over the past three years. This award recognized nine papers.

Winning paper: Multi-zone Sound Field Control by the Inverse Approach in a Vehicle Interior

Journal publishing the paper: Transactions of Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan Vol. 45 No. 5

Authors: Akihiko Arimitsu, Takeshi Toi, Wan-ho Cho, Shuzo Hogaki, Hiroyuki Nakajima

The reason behind the award: In automobile, multiple sounds are intermixed as differing transmission subjects, such as music, navigation guide voices and warning sounds. The awardees, using a large scale sound measurement control through numbers of microphones and speakers, took up the challenge of creating separate sound fields for both the driver and passenger seats, and verified the effects by presenting the design method and conducting experiments. Also, the presented method was applied to a vehicle installed with a 16 channel audio system, and verified that different sound fields could be created in the driver and passenger seats. The creation of a functional sound environment that can reduce noise and provide comfortable music in cars, and the verification of such, is pioneering research that has been highly appraised and there are expectations it will be developed in the application field (taken from the list of awardees below).

The awards ceremony took place at the Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan 2015 Annual Congress (Spring) held on May 20-22. A poster showing research results was also displayed at the “2015 AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPOSITION” which was held at the same time.

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