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Chairman and CEO Suzuki revisits

On Thursday, May 14, 2015, Chairman and CEO of Suzuki Motor Corporation, Osamu Suzuki, revisited his alma mater and gave a speech at Chuo University’s Tama Campus for the Sankei Shimbun Charity Lecture organized by the Faculties of Commerce and Economics.

The lecture was given after a lively discussion about topics that included strengthening the university track and field club in support for the annual Hakone Ekiden (long-distance running) with Chuo’s Regent Takehisa Fukazawa, Executive Regent Shigeharu Kanzaki, Board of Directors Kanichi Hayashi, Chancellor and President Shozaburo Sakai, Faculty of Commerce Professor Toyoharu Takahashi, and Tachi Kanie from the Sankei Shimbun Editor and Planning Committee.

During his speech, Chairman and CEO Suzuki shared the history of Suzuki Motor Corporation, along with his valuable experiences in relation to how the company grew to its global presence today. According to Suzuki, being a large corporation is measured by having high profitability, and not by the amount of capital or profit. Suzuki said that the key to becoming a powerful company is to be able to make materials with your own technology that have a global share, and being a price leader.

When he spoke about the rapid growth and success in India, Suzuki mentioned the importance of taking action to become successful. He told the students that luck will not come if they are sitting around waiting for it to come.