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CPA remarkable results

The number of students who passed the National CPA Exam in 2014 was announced, including 87 from Chuo University. Despite the trend in other universities where the total number of students who passed has decreased, Chuo students recorded an increase of 7 students compared to the previous year.

From the Chuo University Institute of Accounting Research, 35 students passed the CPA, including 1 first-year student and 4 second-year students.

The results are based on data taken from the Chuo Institute of Accounting Research and the Chartered Accountant Hakumonkai, an Affiliate of the Chuo University Alumni Association.


  2014 2013 2012
Total test-takers 10,870 13,224 17,894
Total passers 1,076 1,149 1,301
Passing % 10.1% 8.9% 7.5%
Passers from Chuo 87 80 99