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Chuo wins Mens’ Volleyball

In 18 years, Chuo marked a historical win in the National Mens’ College Volleyball Tournament. The final game against Nippon Sport Science University (Nippon Taiiku Daigaku) was held on December 6 in Osaka, and the score was Chuo 3 – NSS 0 (25-21, 25-17, 29-27). Meiji University came in third.
Chuo University claimed victory after a successful game of solid serves and blocks.

Starting Members:

Yuuki Ishikawa, 1st year Faculty of Law
Takusu Tezuka, Captain, 4th year Faculty of Economics
Hiroki Egashira, 4th year Faculty of Economics
Koushi Takechi, 1st year Faculty of Law
Issei Otake, 1st year Faculty of Commerce
Masahiro Sekita, 3rd year Faculty of Law
Ryouhei Iga, 2nd year Faculty of Economics

Individual awards went to:

MIP and Best Block Award, Takusu Tezuka, Captain
Spike Award, Issei Otake
Serve Award and MVP, Yuuki Ishikawa
Setter Award, Masahiro Sekita
Receiver Award, Koushi Takechi
Libero Award, Ryouhei Iga