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Honorary Doctorate Degree to Prof. Dr. D. Ehlers

Group photo with Prof. Dr. D. Ehlers

From left: Acting Chancellor Tohyama, Professor Dr. Ehlers, President Fukuhara

Chuo University is pleased to announce the Honorary Doctorate Degree conferral to Dr. D. Ehlers, Professor of Law at University of Munster, on Thursday, May 8, 2014.
Chuo has conferred 13 honorary doctorate degrees so far, after the conferral of Mr. Rachmat Gobel.

The ceremony took place at Room 1410 at Chuo Tama Campus, joined by 70 people including the Acting Chancellor, President, and faculty.
A special lecture by Professor Dr. Ehlers was given before the ceremony, on the topic “The Relation and Development of the National and Government Communities.” Students who participated asked questions in German.

After speeches by Acting Chancellor Tohyama and President Fukuhara, Professor Dr. Ehlers received the diploma and academic gown. Professor Ehlers commented how “the conferral has become a crucial momentum to (his) academic career in learning about Japan and Law in Japan,” and expressed appreciation to the audience.

The ceremony was followed by a reception where Dean of Law Faculty Yasuyo Nakajima gave a toast, and Professor of Law Mitsuhiro Matsubara, who coordinated the special lecture, gave a speech.
In the end, Professor of Law Koresuke Yamauchi, who initially organized the exchange with University of Munster, gave a closing speech.

Prof. Dr. D. Ehlers giving a special lecture

Prof. Dr. D. Ehlers and the class

Beginning of the ceremony

Conferral ceremony for Prof. Dr. D. Ehlers

Prof. Dr. D. Ehlers wearing the academic gown

Prof. Dr. D. Ehlers

President Fukuhara giving a speech

Acting Chancellor Tohyama congratulates Prof. Dr. D. Ehlers

Dean of Law Faculty Nakajima gives a toast

Professor of Law Mitsuhiro Matsubara gives a speech

Professor of Law Koresuke Yamauchi gives a closing speech

Professor Ingo Saenger, Dean of Law Faculty, University of Munster