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Taiwan College of Law Visits Chuo

On April 3, National Taiwan University College of Law President Ming-yan Shieh and Mrs. Shieh, Mr. Tomoyasu Hoshi, and Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in Japan Education Division Deputy Director Shih-Ying Lin visited Chuo.

Previously, President Tadahiko Fukuhara, Dean of Law Faculty Yasuyo Nakajima, and Dean of Graduate School of Law Maki Nishiumi visited Taiwan on January 2014 to sign an institutional exchange agreement between the universities and law schools. This time the visit by the guests marked the first exchange of events between the two institutions.

The meeting was held on a rainy spring day at Tama Campus where the cherry blossoms were in full bloom. During a welcoming lunch session, Professor of Law Makoto Arai gave a speech, mentioning the importance of “having an open discussion to build a closer collaborative relationship.” After the members enjoyed a friendly lunch session, President Shieh gave a closing remark, that “National Taiwan University welcomes students and faculty from Chuo and looks forward to exchanging research and studies.” The productive meeting proved to further deepen the ties between the two institutions.

(from left) Mrs. Shieh, President Ming-yan Shieh, interpreter Wu Xiaoyan (Graduate School of Law, 5th year PhD student), Deputy Director Shih-Ying Lin

Dean of Policy Sciences Ryoichi Matsuno, Dean of Law Yasuyo Nakajima, Professor of Law Makoto Arai, Dean of Graduate School of Law Maki Nishiumi, International Center Director Masahiko Ohmura attended from Chuo