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CBS Mongolia Seminar

At the Chuo Business School, the CBS Club held the CBS Mongolia Seminar. (February 22, 2014)

Since its democratization in 1990, Mongolia has realized significant economic growth by utilizing rich natural resources such as coal, copper and rare metal. However, Japan still has little interaction with this large country.
Japan and Mongolia have recently repeated top-level diplomacy, with Prime Minister Abe visiting Mongolia in March 2013 and Prime Minister Altankhuyag coming to Japan in May. The Japanese government considers Mongolia to be an extremely important country as an East Asian ally.
Amidst such circumstances, during a visit to Japan, Ts. Baatarsaikhan, President of the major Mongolian financial group Tavan Bogd Group gave a speech at our university and interacted with students. The event was made possible through an introduction by a current CBS student who works in Ulaanbaatar.
The theme of Baatarsaikhan’s speech was as follows.

  • Mongolia’s macro economy and business environment; Mongolian culture as seen through the eyes of a Japanese businessperson living in Mongolia.
  • Introduction of the Tavan Bogd Group; introduction of future growth areas in Mongolia.

Attendees participated in a lively Q&A session, and it was truly a two-way event unique to the Chuo Business School.
The after-party featured relaxed and informal interaction among attendees.

The CBS Club is an official Chuo University club composed of current students and graduates from the Chuo Business School. In addition to daily interaction, the club holds open seminars featuring a variety of guests from different business fields. The recent Mongolia Seminar is just one example. At the Chuo Business School, both current students and graduates can continue to learn and expand their personal networks.

Mr. Ts. Baatarsaikhan
48 years old. Graduate of the University of Electro-Communications (Japan)
No. 3 in the FY2013 ranking of Mongolia’s richest men
A pro-Japanese entrepreneur, Mr. Baatarsaikhan is fluent in Japanese

Ts. Baatarsaikhan gives a speech.

Commemorative photograph with attendees at the after-party