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New Year Greetings

Happy New Year!

It is my sincere hope that this year will bring much happiness to all.
In welcoming 2014 I look forward to many new opportunities to meet and collaborate with people in order to realize the continuing growth of Chuo University.

Today, Japanese society faces numerous dramatic changes and we see demand for a sustainable knowledge-based society that addresses the needs of a low birth rate and an aging population. The roles of universities have diversified and become multi-layered, raising high expectations. To meet these expectations, Chuo has been developing a diverse portfolio of social contributions and collaboration built upon our determination to offer students greater support and drive top-level research and academics based on the Chuo legacy and founding spirit of “fostering the ability to apply knowledge to practice.”

With this in mind, we will further strengthen our global growth initiatives, aiming for comprehensive, top-level globalization, which will require that we focus on projects driving world-class campus development and various policy reforms. We will also devote our strengths to marking a year of significant development for all students, those from Japan and abroad, offering them rich experiences in academics, culture, and sports, and opportunities to build a foundation for their future by putting “knowledge into action.”

This year we will build stronger ties and further develop our Chuo network, based on the mission and vision supported by our legacy and tradition, which promise unlimited potential for growth in the future.
In closing, I would like to ask each of you for your understanding, support, and participation to ensure that 2014 is a successful year.

January 1, 2014
Tadahiko Fukuhara
President, Chuo University