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JASSO's Student of the Year 2013

The following recipients of the Japan Student Services Organization’s (JASSO) Student of the Year 2013 attended and were presented awards on December 7 (Sat) at the Student of the Year 2013 Awards Presentation/Celebration Ceremony (Shinri Shioura was absent due to a conflicting schedule).

Sports Section

Grand Prize
Department of Law, Faculty of Law 4th year
Shinri Shioura (Swimming Club)

11th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m) 4x100m relay - 5th, 89th Japan Swim 2013 50m freestyle - 1st (new Japan record), 100m freestyle - 1st, 15th FINA World Championships 4x100m medley relay - 3rd, 100m freestyle - 10th

Social Contribution Section

Grand Prize
Department of Policy Sciences, Faculty of Policy Studies 3rd year
Motoki Yasuhara

* This is the first time a Chuo University student has been selected for the Social Contribution Section.
Yasuhara conducted earthquake recovery and reconstruction activities in Oshima Island, Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, which suffered tremendous damage in the March 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake. He is aiming for a group which hears the needs directly from the islanders and can provide flexible support. Also, he is recruiting students from in and out of Chuo University in order to have more individual students understand the reality of the situation which can not be delivered through the media.

Yasuhara receives his award and shakes hands with JASSO president Katsuhiro Endo.

Yasuhara speaks at the celebration ceremony.

Hirayama (Director of the Student Affairs Office) and Yasuhara at the awards presentation/celebration ceremony

About the JASSO’s Student of the Year

This is awarded to students who record outstanding achievements in the fields of academics, culture, art, sport and social contribution with the aim of contributing to the cultivation of promising human resources to carry us in the 21st century.
Applications are made through universities. Chuo University generally accepts applications in July and August. Please do your best and apply.