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Soft tennis club wins Championship

The 47th Japan Student Invitational Soft Tennis Indoor Championship was held at the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium on December 5 (Thu) with the Soft Tennis Club pairing of Takumi Suzuki (2nd year, Faculty of Economics) and Taimei Marunaka (2nd year, Faculty of Commerce) capturing the title. In the finals, they defeated the Japan Soft Tennis Championship winning pair of Katsura and Takatsuki (Waseda University). They took control of the match after taking out the opening two games and won by 5-2.

Suzuki and Marunaka’s victory follows from their win in the Kanto Student Invitational Soft Tennis Indoor Championship.

Marunaka – Suzuki
Qualifying round 1st match ○ 4-1 ● Ihara / Hayashi (Doshisha)
Qualifying round 2nd match ○ 4-3 ● Oguri / Ando (Waseda)
Semi-final ○ 5-4 ● Yoshida / Kawajiri (Waseda)
Final ○ 5-2 ● Katsura / Takatsuki (Waseda)