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Professor Nishida in Chilean Journal El Mercurio

Professor Harufumi Nishida in the Faculty of Science and Engineering (Department of Biological Sciences) has been introduced in the Chilean journal El Mercurio. This was published in a November 13 article titled, Plant Fossils Revealed Ancient Antarctica and Patagonian Forests.

The article takes a close look at Nishida’s research investigating the links between the South American and Australian continents from plant fossils. It is believed that South American Patagonia and Australia were once joined together as part of a giant Antarctican continent. As evidence revealing the relationship between these, research that considers plant fossils to be effective is being carried out. Nishida is conducting research that especially focuses on fossils of the southern beech which have common distributions in Argentina, Australia and Oceania.

The article also introduces the circumstances behind how Nishida began to conduct his research in Chile and joint research with the University of Chile and the Chilean Antarctic Institute.

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