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Lecture by President of Fuji Heavy Industries

The text for the recently-held lecture by President Yoshinaga is now available for viewing.
Please note that the slide presentation used by President Yoshinaga during the lecture is not available.

Despite being one of the smaller Japanese automobile manufacturers, Subaru has posted its best results ever by bringing unique products to the market. Through his personal experiences and business strategy, President Yasuyuki Yoshinaga of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. gave a lecture containing the message of “live by taking advantage of individuality.”

The lecture was held on an auspiciously sunny autumn day in between the series of typhoons which struck Japan.
The classroom in Building No. 8 was filled to its maximum capacity of 600 people. A live broadcast of the lecture was shown in the adjacent classroom, which was also packed. In total, about 1,100 people listened attentively to President Yoshinaga’s talk.
After the lecture, many students became more familiar with Subaru through events held outside of the building. Participants were able to actually experience (test-drive) the EyeSight Driver Assist System which prevents crashes. Students also listened closely to explanations from Subaru staff regarding displayed vehicles.

Date & Time:
October 9 (Wed), 2013; 13:20 to 14:30
Tama Campus, Building No. 8, Classroom #8304
Mr. Yasuyuki Yoshinaga, President of Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.
Lecture Theme:
[Onsite Campus Class: Top Executive Discusses the Appeal of Cars] Live by Taking Advantage of Individuality

The following is a report on the lecture contents.

Among the 8 Japanese automobile manufacturers, the Subaru Automobile Manufacturing Division of Fuji Heavy Industries is a small corporation that possesses only a 1% share of global automobile shares. However, Subaru is steadily increasing its number of vehicles sold by utilizing its advantage of advancements in the aerospace industry to manufacture automobiles which offer safety and peace of mind.

However, Subaru underwent a long process of repeated searching and deliberation before arriving at the decision to make safety and peace of mind its strength. Although everyone at Subaru could see drawbacks such as high cost and low number of vehicles produced, it was difficult to notice their own advantage.

“Still, our company has survived until today, so we must possess some advantage, right?” President Yoshinaga continued to ask employees. His persistent questioning led to the discovery of Subaru’s strengths of reliable vehicles with a high level of safety and horizontally-opposed engines which offer stable and pleasant driving.

“Cars are like people—it would be boring if everyone was exactly the same!” A passionate President Yoshinaga spoke to students at the lecture. “Live by taking advantage of individuality. That’s what we believe at Subaru!”
If every automobile manufacturer were to make the same car, there would be no originality and no enjoyment. Subaru utilizes its strengths to select specific work, make a concentrated effort, and differentiate itself from other companies. The result of this policy is high-added value at a slightly higher cost. Subaru has decided to pursue individuality and quality, and such values exist at the core of the company.

Although President Yoshinaga spoke for almost an hour, the time seemed to fly by. After his lecture, he answered questions from eager students.
One of President Yoshinaga’s favorite sayings is “a garden is enlivened by a variety of flowers.”

“Although I’m not referring to the song by SMAP, everyone is like a unique flower, and that’s the way it should be,” said President Yoshinaga. “Live by taking advantage of individuality!”

Subaru’s unwavering dedication to individuality is born from the tradition of strict quality standards which have existed since the company’s founding. President Yoshinaga’s advice pointed students in the right direction for utilizing their individuality as working professionals in society.