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R&D: Compact 2-wheel personal vehicle

As an alternative to the conventional large and high-speed vehicles for personal movement, the Hashimoto Laboratory (Department of Electrical, Electronic and Communication Engineering; Faculty of Science and Engineering) is conducting R&D for a compact, lightweight and highly-mobile personal vehicle which is capable of operating while coexisting with human beings.

In contrast to information and telecommunications devices, the performance of vehicles greatly differs according to their size. In particular, in the case of vehicles with a weight of 10kg or less, compact vehicles make it extremely difficult to maintain speed, operating time and stability. The Hashimoto Laboratory is focusing on compact vehicles and searching for a solution to such problems through close coordination with the operating environment. For example, the laboratory is working to increase operating time by combining wireless power feeding technology with appropriate power allocation that considers the psychology of the driver.

This research was introduced in the Nikkei Business Daily and the program World Business Satellite on TV Tokyo. Please visit the following links for details.