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Universiade: Nishimoto shines in Badminton

The 27th Universiade Badminton games were held from Friday July 5th to Thursday, July 11th at Kazan, Russia.
Kenta Nishimoto (1st year Faculty of Law) who entered the match as Japan team was placed sixth in the World Trophy, moving on to the fourth round in the men’s singles tournament.

Team Japan played seven matches at the World Trophy. Nishimoto played 5 matches out of the 7 in men’s singles, winning them all, greatly contributing to the team’s sixth placement.

Keep up the great work!

World Trophy Results: Sixth Placement

Group League First match: 5-0 vs Macao
(Nishimoto not played)
Group League Second match: 5-0 vs USA
Men’s singles Nishimoto 2 – Randy Ma 0
Group League Third match: 4-1 vs Germany
Men’s singles Nishimoto 2 – Schmipt Lukas 0
Tournament First round: 3-0 vs Indonesia
Men’s singles Nishimoto 2 – Merman Syah 0
Semi-finals: 1-3 vs Taipei
Men’s singles Nishimoto 2 – Chou Tien Chen 0
Consolidation fifth~eighth place: 3-0 vs Germany
Men’s singles Nishimoto 2 – Schmipt Lukas 0
Consolidation fifth~sixth place: 2-3 vs Malaysia
(Nishimoto not played)

Men’s singles results: Proceeding to Fourth round

Second match: Nishimoto 2 – Pavlovic Iliya (Serbia) 0

Third match: Nishimoto 2 – Velazquez Emesto (Spain) 0

Fourth match: Nishimoto 0 – Malkov Vladimir (Russia) 0