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Professor lectured at Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan)

On March 14th(Thu) and 15th (Fri), Professor Kazuhito Isomura (Chuo Graduate School of International Accounting) was invited by Fu Jen Catholic University (Taiwan) to give a 3-hour special lecture entitled Examining apparel business in Japan. He discussed management strategy of Japan's retail apparel chains in the lecture, which included examples such as UNIQLO and Shimamura.

On March 16th (Sat), Yuko Inagaki and Yuko Sasaki, current students at the Chuo Graduate School of International Accounting, participated in a workshop together with students in the Master's Program in textiles and clothing at Fu Jen Catholic University.

The two students summarized the results of their case study (corporate research) course, with Inagaki giving a research presentation entitled Global strategy of UNIQLO and Sasaki presenting Brand strategy of UNIQLO.

Professor Isomura also introduced an example entitled Case study: Nishimatsuya Chain, in which he discussed the unique store development and store operation of the Nishimatsuya Chain.

Including the research presentations, the entire lecture took 3 hours. There was spirited discussion regarding trends of apparel chains in Taiwan.

It was an outstanding opportunity for presenting the research results of the Chuo Graduate School of International Accounting, as well as for deepening international exchanges with an overseas university.