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Volleyball Club takes the Runners-up Place

The 2012 All-Japan University Men's Volleyball East-West Selection Tournament Championships was held in the Nippon Sport Science University Kenshidai Yonemoto Memorial Gymnasium on July 14 (Saturday) and 15 (Sunday). At this tournament, the top two teams in the previously held Eastern Japan and Western Japan Volleyball University Championships met to determine who the best is in the first half of this season in a round-robin format. Although Chuo University Volleyball Club (Men's) won the championship in Eastern Japan, the captain Sogo Watanabe (4th year student in the Faculty of Law) was injured. He took extra precaution, and he did not participate as a starting member in this tournament and instead a team composed mainly of students in their third year played in all the matches.

Unfortunately, the team lost to Tokai University and finished as runners-up, but there were some positives. For example, Yosuke Arai (3rd year student in the Faculty of Law) was awarded the Fighting Bravely Prize while Ryota Denda (3rd year student in the Faculty of Economics) was selected for the Blocking Prize. These Championships link to the autumn league matches and the All-Japan Intercollegiate.