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Student wins the Engineers Award

On June 5, 2012 at an international symposium on dams held in Kyoto, Civil Engineering major at the Graduate School of Science and Engineering Tomoo Fukuda's essay, Study on Flushing Mechanism of Dam Reservoir Sedimentation and Recovery of Riffle-Pool in Downstream Reach by a Flushing Bypass Tunnel won the Kyoto Young Dam Engineers Award, an award given to excelling content and presentations from engineers and researchers under the age of 40.

Three essays from Japan (Fukuda), France, and Thailand, were awarded prizes from a total of 352 presentations and essays coming from 43 countries.

Tomoo Fukuda is a 3rd year doctorate student writing his doctorate thesis under the guidance of Professor Shoji Fukuoka of the Center for Research and Development Initiatives and Professor Kazuo Kashiyama from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.