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Top>News>Chuo University's Pioneering Initiative for Sustainable Development toward the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20)


Chuo University's Pioneering Initiative for Sustainable Development toward the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20)

The United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development: The Future We Want (Rio+20; see the note below) was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 2012.
At Rio+20, various discussions were took place including: "What should we do in order to achieve sustainable development?" "How can we rescue people from poverty?" "How should we improve international cooperation to achieve sustainable development?"
Accordingly, Chuo University has also made a declaration of Chuo University's Pioneering Initiative for Sustainable Development toward Rio+20.

Chuo University's Program for Capacity Building in Global Water Environmental Engineering that has been registered as a United Nations Academic Impact scheme is aimed at graduate students (including overseas students). This program offers students an opportunity to master the industrial and governmental feature and advantages of Japan, as well as the skills needed to become highly specialized technicians in water environments and water treatment; professionals with a global perspective who respect the history, culture and climate of each country. In order to achieve this, a unique curriculum has been developed in cooperation with universities and research institutions in Japan and overseas. This program is offered as the Global Water Environment Engineering minor.
Through this program, we aim to develop students with an international perspective that can propose and carry out comprehensive and drastic improvement measures in relation to water environments in various regions throughout the world, including East Asia.

Chuo University will continue to take up the challenges that are facing the world through the United Nations Academic Impact scheme.

Note) What is Rio+20?
This is United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development held 20 years after the 1992 Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit.
At the Earth Summit 20 years ago, each country adopted Agenda 21. This was a blueprint to review economic growth, enhance social justice and achieve environmental conservation.
On the milestone of 20 years since the adoption of this blueprint, the United Nations is aiming to once again get the participation of various governments, international organizations and major groups in order to gain agreement on a wide range of sensible measures that will reduce poverty while promoting decent work, clean energy and further sustainable and fair use of resources.
Rio+20 is an chance to take action in order to end poverty, tackle environmental destruction, build a bridge to the future and change the way we have been doing things up to now. This conference will be a historic opportunity to establish a path toward a world that is safer, fairer, cleaner, more environmentally friendly and more bountiful for all people.
(Source: United Nations Information Center website)