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Cycling team wins Championship

On June 2 (Sat), our cycling team won the 51st All-Japan Intercollegiate Team Road Time Trial Championship held on the southern side of the upper reaches of the Tone River, Saitama Prefecture.

The participating cyclists and time are as follows.

Time 2hr 01 min 56.64 sec (average speed 46.25 km/h)

Cyclists Masanori Gunji (4th year student, Faculty of Commerce)
Kohei Kurose (2nd year student, Faculty of Law)
Shunichi Midorikawa (2nd year student, Faculty of Law)
Takuya Takado (1st year student, Faculty of Law)

-About the event-

The All-Japan Intercollegiate Team Road Time Trial is one of the major events hosted by the Japan Intercollegiate Cycling Federation.

Teams consist of three or four cyclists, with all members starting at the same time and heading for a goal 100km away. Final places are determined by the time of the third cyclist in the team to cross the finish line.

In cycling, because there is strong air resistance against the leading cyclist, in order to keep a consistent pace, cyclists in the team continually rotate their positions with the aim of traction and recovery.

The team road race demands, of course individual cycling ability, but also a high level of strategy and cooperation as a team.