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3rd International Week: Germany

From June 16th (Sat.) to 23rd (Sat.), the following events will be held during the 3rd International Week (Germany). International Week is held in order to promote the internationalization of Chuo University, to encourage the intellectual curiosity of students and to realize a more vibrant campus. (*Anyone may participate. Consecutive interpretation is available for lectures given in German.)

[Tama Campus]

<Opening Lecture>
June 16th (Sat.); 15:00-16:30
New Germany; given by Director of the Tokyo Goethe Institute (German; Room #2110)

<Lecture by the German Ambassador to Japan>
July 10th (Tue.); 13:20-14:50
What Can We Learn from 150 Years of Japan-Germany Relations? (Japanese; Room #8304)

<Special Lecture>
June 20th (Wed.); 11:00-12:30
German Economy and Corporation (German/Japanese; Room #8304)

☆Theme 1: Considering the future of energy
Film & Debate: June 18th (Mon.); 18:10-20:00 Yellow Cake-The Lie About Clean Energy (Room #2110)
Film & Lecture: June 19th (Tues.); 18:10-21:00 Unseen Cloud; Lecture on Nuclear Policy and Cultural Movements in Germany by Yumiko Takada (C Square)
Film & Debate: June 20th (Wed.); 18:10-20:00 Under Control-Nuclear Dismantling Manual (Room #2110)
Film & Debate: June 21st (Thurs.); 18:10-20:00 Hopes in Sch旦nau -A Town Which Denuclearized (Room #2110)
Film & Debate: June 22nd (Fri.); 18:10-20:00 The 4th Revolution -Energy Autonomy (Room #2110)

☆Theme 2: Considering the Japanese legal system through the German legal system
Lecture & Debate: June 19th (Tues.); 11:00-12:30 F. Riesner: Citizens and Law in East Germany (Japanese: Room #6604)
Film & Debate: June 21st (Thurs.); 15:00-16:30 The Story of a Japanese-German Judge-Nuclear Judicial Proceedings (Room #6204)

☆Theme 3: Globalization and Global Culture
Lecture: June 23rd (Sat.) 13:00 -13:50 Yoshiyuki Nakagawa: German Studies at Chuo University Prior to WWII (C Square)
Lecture: June 23rd (Sat.) 14:00 -14:45 Dr. Fincken (DAAD Director): Inviting You to Study Abroad in Germany (German; C Square)
Lecture: June 23rd (Sat.) 15:00 -15:45 Dr. Wieczorek (DFG Director): The Importance of International Exchange (Japanese; C Square)

☆Theme 4: Word-Class German Music and Its Background
Screening: June 21st (Thurs.); 11:00-12:30 The Conductor Wilhelm Furtw辰ngler and German Classic Music (C Square)
Musical Performance: June 23rd (Sat.) 16:00-18:00 German Lied Association: Poems, Visual Images and Music (C Square)

☆Theme 5: Old-New Relations Between Chuo University and Germany
Exhibition: June 11th to June 23rd; Entrance to Building No.1; Relations between Chuo University and Germany Prior to WWII
Exhibition: June 11th to June 23rd; Central Library 1F; Exhibition of Materials and Posters from Modern Germany
Exhibition: June 11th to June 23rd; Central Library 2F; Exhibition of Written Material Related to Germany
Exhibition: June 11th to June 23rd; 3F Lounge of Building No.3; Student Life in Japan and Germany-A Guide to Foreign Study

☆Theme 6: Germany Fair
Market: June 11th to June 23rd; Cooperative stores and cafeteria (German foods, special goods, stationery, etc.)

[Korakuen Campus]

<Commemorative lecture by recipient of the Humboldt Prize>
June 19th (Tues.); 16:20-18:00
Tamejiro Himaya: The Art of Controlling Molecules: Organic Synthetic Chemistry (Room #5333)

<Ogai Mori Lecture>
June 23rd (Sat.); 13:00-14:30
Reiko Seki: Message from Sansho Dayu; Banri Yamashita: Maihime (Dancing Girl) (Room #5534)

<Career Lecture>
June 13th (Wed.); 16:20-18:00
Diversity of German Corporations (Room #5136)

June 16th to June 23rd
Science and Engineering Library: Getting to Know the World-Leading Technology of Germany

June 11th to June 23rd
Cooperative stores and cafeteria (German foods, special goods, stationery, etc.)