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Baseball Club & Hanshin Tigers

Following a game with the Giants in March 2011, this second game was an open match with a professional baseball development league. The Tiger's game was held on March 15, 2012 at the Tama Campus Baseball Park. The Chuo University Baseball Team won 1 - 0!

Attended by Chancellor and President Tadahiko Fukuhara, who is also the Director of the Baseball Club, pitchers from both teams pitched well, and it became a tense match. The pitcher for the university team, Mr. Shimabukuro (1st year student in the Faculty of Commerce, graduate of Konan High School, Okinawa) opened the pitching. Mr. Ishigaki (1st year student in the Faculty of Commerce, graduate of Toin Gakuen, Kanagawa) was sent in as relief pitcher from the 8th inning, and managed to protect the one point lead.

Thanks to everyone for your support.

The Tohto University Baseball Spring Season League opens in April.
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