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Student Receives Science Prize

Daiki Tomita, a 1st year student in the Department of Applied Chemistry (Komatsu Lab), Master's Program of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, received the 15th Takino Hideo Science Encouragement Prize through achievements (Japanese and International patents) relating to the development of an Artificial Oxygen Carrier (Hemoglobin-Albumin) Cluster.

In honor of the volunteer spirit of Mr. Hideo Takino, the prize is aimed at encouraging research by up and coming young researchers and is awarded to our university's full-time staff (excluding Professors) or graduate students whose research papers related to intellectual property rights associated with the development of industry and technology are acknowledged as being exceptional.

The prize-winning research results made a breakthrough in the development of artificial blood (red blood cell substitute). The ripple effects and significance given to human health and welfare as well as advanced medicine are significant, and the research results have got a lot of attention from the domains of science and technology and the fields of domestic and overseas pharmaceutical/ medical studies.

The award ceremony was held on the Tama Campus on March 16, 2012.