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Ryoichi Matsuno FLP Seminar Receives Award for Excellence

Iwojima Kara Modotta Ichou (The Gingko That Returned From Iwojima) by Ryoichi Matsuno FLP Seminar received the award for excellence for a citizen, student or autonomous community section at THE AGE OF REGIONALISM VIDEO FESTIVAL (sponsored by NHK, NAB, and others) which collects documentary works of regional themes.

The awards ceremony took place on November 19th at Kansai University's Senriyama Campus. Continuing on from Jonan Kodomo TV in 2010, this was the second consecutive Award for Excellence for the Matsuno FLP Seminar.

This video festival annually awards exceptional documentaries from the regions. They were selected for the Award for Excellence from among 198 entries.

■_Director:Kaori Yamashita (4th year student in Faculty of Economics)
■_Photography:Mina Ota (4th year student in Faculty of Policy Studies)
■_Producer:Hideki Kitami (graduate of Faculty of Policy Studies, currently 1st year student at Waseda University Graduate School,)