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Display at the 2nd Sino-Japan University Fair

On the 9th and 10th of October 2011, the 2nd Sino-Japanese Fair was held at the Ikebukuro Sunshine City Culture Center (Organizers: the China Research Center of the Japan Science and Technology Agency, Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and Japan Student Services Organization).

In an increasingly globalized world, it is hoped that the Sino-Japan University Fair will play a vital role in promoting the rising importance of strengthening exchange and cooperation between Japan and China, two countries that have a major influence on the worldwide economy, and in particular, further increasing links between Japanese and Chinese universities. Against this backdrop, the Sino-Japan University Fair has been established as an opportunity to bring together Japanese and Chinese universities in one building to further deepen exchange and especially, to draw the focus of Japanese universities and the industrial world on Chinese universities which have been developing remarkably in recent years and also to think about how to promote links and cooperation.

At this fair, there were booth displays and presentations by participating universities from Japan and China relating to respective university exchanges, research exchanges, industrial-academic cooperation, personnel exchange and study abroad promotion. There were 53 universities and seven research organizations from China and 50 universities and four research organizations from Japan.

Chuo University held a display about university and research exchange, industrial-academic cooperation projects and human resource exchange and study abroad promotion. In particular, proactive PR took place with the main display being the International Water Environment Science and Engineering Personnel Training Program (adopted by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology in 2010 as a core base support project of the Advanced Professional Human Resource Project through Exchange between Universities of Japan, China and South Korea (currently Campus Asia, hereinafter the 'program')). This is a figurehead project of the university in the field of university and research exchange.

During the fair, the booth of Chuo University was visited by staff of universities we have agreements with, undergraduates from overseas looking to continue their education into graduate school, staff and students of Japanese language schools, high school students considering taking entrance examinations and their parents, alumni of Chuo University and those taking part in international exchange and research at other universities. In particular, Professor Tadashi Yamada of the Faculty of Science and Engineering, who is responsible for the implementation of the program's initiatives, gave explanations himself to the Chinese students and others that showed an interest in the program. Moreover, there were many alumni who said things like "I want to know about the recent activities of my former school" and "I was feeling nostalgic, so I dropped by this booth." Among these, there were those that gave information relevant to the program based on their personal business experience and results in China. The fair become a moment in time where it was possible for alumni and university officials to interact.

There was one more main event at the university fair. This was the University Appeal Convention. (Note: Each university makes an appeal about their activity objectives and condition in five minutes.) In this convention, Qian Chaochao (from China), who is enrolled in the Doctoral Program of the Graduate School of Science and Engineering, Chuo University, took to the stage and gave an impassioned introductory summary in Chinese focused on the attraction of the program as seen from Chinese students. The Japanese and Chinese researchers who had listened with interest to this appeal later come to the booth looking for materials (Japanese and English)* and this become a good opportunity to get publicity for the program.

Inside the venue, there were displays by Tsinghua University, Sichuan University, and Shanghai Jiao Tong University, universities participate in the consortium of the program, and also by Dalian University of Technology that is scheduled to conclude an agreement to join by the end of the year. Starting with Professor Tadashi Yamada who is responsible for the implementation of the program's initiatives, officials went around the booths of each university in the consortium and made an appeal for a deepening of exchange through the program. Moreover, there were also visits from universities in the consortium to the Chuo University booth and among these, Shi Jian, Vice-President of Sichuan University, who was a representative of the delegation to Japan, personally stopped by the booth and expressed a strong interest in cooperation through the International Water Environment Program.

At this fair, starting with an introduction to the program, there were plenty of events, such as exchange with Chinese universities in the consortium.