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Electronic book application "Hakumon Bookshop" now open

Get Chuo information magazines for free!

Hakumon Bookshop, which gathers magazines published by Chuo University, has become Japan's first university-run electronic book distribution application.

Chuo University information magazines and faculty guidebooks, specialized graduate school guides and affiliated school guides, which were previously distributed in printed form only, can now be easily downloaded in electronic book format.

Download Hakumon Bookshop from Apple Inc.'s App Store, a software download service for iPod, iPod touch and iPad. App Store can also be accessed by wireless LAN (Wi-Fi).

On downloading Hakumon Bookshop, you can store up to four current university guides and other titles in your electronic bookshelf. After downloading, the electronic books can be opened offline.

If you want to read past issues or use a different medium, it is possible to download an unlimited number of titles by accessing the store via 3G or Wi-Fi.

This electronic book-document distribution system was developed by electronic book publisher, Soryu-sha, and as of January 24, 2011, stocked 37 university information magazines. New publications will be offered in electronic form as they are published.