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125th anniversary commemorative ceremony held at Tama Campus, Chuo University

This year marks the 125th anniversary of our university and a commemorative ceremony was held on Saturday November 13th. The ceremony opened with a performance by the Chuo University Symphonic Band of the Culture League and the Association of Student Clubs. Following the opening, the Chair, Board of Regents, Shuji Hisano and Chancellor and President Kazuyuki Nagai gave powerful addresses painting a picture of the future of Chuo University. Congratulatory addresses were then given by the Deputy Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Kan Suzuki, President of the Japan Association of Private Universities and Colleges, Katsuhiko Shirai, and Adrian Whitfield from Middle Temple, one of the four Inns of Court in England where several of the founders of Chuo University conducted their studies.

As a commemorative event, the virtual reality & short play Origins, Memories and Future of Chuo University was also performed. This performance was a trip through time that combined virtual images created from high-definition computer graphics, acting and music, and expressed the university's spirit of Practical Education and message of Knowledge into Action.

Events will continue to be held, including the 125th Anniversary International Symposium, Will Chinese Business Become an Opportunity or Risk!? - The Chinese Market at a New Level and Global Strategic Management, and the 125th commemorative event, Faculty of Economics Internship Experience Report. In addition, a commemorative exhibition, Treasures of Learning. - Origins, Bonds, and Memories of Chuo University, will run through Saturday November 20th.