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Challengers' Program Starting from April 2010 in the faculty of Policy Studies

Beginning in April 2010, the Faculty of Policy Studies will start the Challengers' Program, offering lectures delivered only in English.

Challengers' Program (A program tackling themes on mankind in the common international language)

In a world confronted by rapid globalization, mankind must face up to many complex problems. There are no quick, simple solutions to these problems. We need to take on these problems seriously, and cut a path toward finding the keys to solving them. This can not be achieved by dissecting problems. We need a general thinking ability from a joint perspective of the sciences and humanities in order to grasp and understand the causes of the problems.

That is not all. We, as humans, must promote development through the utilization of various sciences. There is no need to mention the important role that English plays here as a common language. We understand that in the ever-expanding exchange of information and knowledge in the Information Age, English has become the first-choice language as a medium of communication. How do we deal with an increasingly complicated world and face the problems that come with it? How can we promote high level interaction between the sciences and humanities in order to respond to these difficulties, and how will we genuinely acquire English, the language commonly used in cooperative work and information exchange? These are all topics we have been assigned and can not hide from.

In the Faculty of Policy Studies, in order to deal with these topics in a serious manner, from April 2010, we will start the Challengers' Program with English as the language of instruction. Behind the unified ideology of the social sciences and humanities the collective strength fostered in the faculty thus far, and international cooperation in education research will form the foundations of this program. The aim of this program is to provide integrated education of social sciences and humanities in English, make positive contributions to globalizing activities of mankind, and nurture unyielding minds that can stand up to the task of solving difficult issues. Such minds will show the true challenger spirit.

Although the program will be completed in 2 years, the thinking ability and English skills cultivated here will be indispensable when continuing further specialized studies in the faculty, and strengthen the development of each individual. Our hope for students who complete this program is that they will, with confidence in their language abilities, possess methodical resources and flexible thinking, enabling them to resolutely stand up to problems facing mankind, and take on responsible roles in activities in every field the world over.

In this program, our aim is to develop people who can be active in every field the world has to offer, use English as a tool, and possess methodological resources and flexible thinking.

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