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Congratulations on entering Chuo University

How to spend a fulfilling university life

Manabu Tsuzuki/ Dean, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University

Manabu Tsuzuki

Congratulations on entering Chuo University to university. I think that you have all started your university lives with feelings of both expectation and anxiety.

At university, you will learn to manage your own timetable for classes. You will also be confused at the many sports and culture clubs you will find on campus. Even commuting to university will be quite tiring in the beginning. If you are living alone, preparing meals, washing and cleaning may also be a burden.

In this way, university life is filled with many hardships. But don’t worry. Let me tell you the key to spending a fulfilling university life. The key is to prioritize what you want to do.

There are only 24 hours in a day. Everyone is the same. Taking out the time needed for sleep, meals and classes, there isn’t that much time left that you can use freely. On the other hand, many things will come up, such as reports and assignments that you must do during your university life. I think there will also be many things that you want to do like join club activities, find part-time jobs and hobbies. It is crucial to decide what to do first and what to do next. You will be required to make firm value judgments and finish what you think is important.

If you set a goal on what kind of person you want to become before you graduate, you will decide by yourself what things to place importance on and prioritize. I hope you will effectively schedule your university life and acquire many things. We are more than happy to be in the position to support you as you grow.