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Congratulations on entering Chuo University

Welcome, new Chuo students

Hisashi Kawai/ Dean, Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University

Hisashi Kawai

Congratulations to all the new students! Everyone at the Faculty of Commerce is happy to welcome you. We are excited that we can pursue our research in commerce together.

There is no other academic field that deals directly with business (management of organization) representing corporate activities in the same way as commerce. Business itself does not exist on its own, but as an element making up the economic society as a whole, establishing itself in the mutual relationship of exerting influence on the economic society and environment, as well as being influenced. Furthermore, business connotes our lifestyles and is an extension of people’s daily lives. That is why it is not enough to focus your attention on simple business behavior when studying commerce. It is required to study not only about Japanese corporations aiming to raise international competitiveness, but also international business behavior, to expand your horizons in surrounding economic fields, foreign languages, humanities and sociology.

In your university studies, students narrow down their specific fields of research as their study progress. What is decisively different from how you have studied up until now is that it becomes important to acquire the skills to scientifically analyze the events and conditions that become the subject of your research. From now on, we expect you to participate in lectures and seminars at your own initiative from that point of view.

Human existence is similar to corporate existence. People exist in a relationship with society. People cannot live independent of each other. They are influenced by others and exert influence on others. At university, autonomy and cooperation is required of you more than ever before. You will make friends you can only make now, you will learn different values from your friends, and you should be able to spend time for self-discovery and creativity. Although you may be unsure of many things in the beginning, I advise you to be brave and try taking small steps forward from your own shell (world view).