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Congratulations on entering Chuo University

Welcome and Congratulations

Shozaburo Sakai/ Chancellor and President, Chuo University

Shozaburo Sakai

Congratulations on entering Chuo University. I am proud of your hard work and happy to welcome all of you who have chosen Chuo to begin your four years of study. My heartfelt congratulations go to the families and those who have supported you so far.

At Chuo University, we hope that you will be active in your studies, sports, culture clubs, volunteer work, work hard towards your dreams and ambitions, and grow. All of us at Chuo are happy to support you.

Under the founding spirit of “Fostering the Ability to Apply Knowledge to Practice”, Chuo University was founded in 1885 as the English Law School. Through 130 years of history with Hakumon (the White Gate) as our symbol, we have developed into a university that boasts 6 faculties, 8 graduate schools, 3 professional graduate schools, 4 affiliated high schools, 2 affiliated junior high schools, and 9 research institutes. The founders of Chuo strongly proclaimed to nurture academic traditions that place importance on true respect for experience, establish individual freedom and self-help, cultivate a positive spirit and anti-establishment mindset, and a progressive spirit of free generosity. Practical learning, the tradition that Chuo University is proud of, has been passed on continuously until today, and is being used in research and educational activities. This practical learning does not simply aim for the acquisition of practical knowledge. Its heart lies in the cultivation of a creative and critical mind through academic research, and nurturing of intellect that can deal with social issues. This sentiment is included in the university message, “Knowledge into Action.”

Today, as we live in times where there are no correct answers, it is essential to gain a global perspective by equipping yourself with professional knowledge and actively participating in opportunities to study overseas during your time in university. Chuo University, as winner of the “Project for Promotion of Global Human Resource Development”, offers various educational opportunities in line with these goals. I hope that you will take these opportunities and broaden your views through a wide range of activities.

Chuo University, in a manner of speaking, is a treasure house that will boost your potentials to grow. Don’t hold back by what you have done so far, train yourselves, and enjoy your four years of university life to the fullest. Then, when graduation day comes at this same venue, I hope you will feel extremely satisfied, and feel that you have achieved greatly.

Currently there are approximately 27,000 students, over 700 teachers and over 450 staff at our university. For those who are at Tama Campus with its blooming cherry blossoms, and at Korakuen Campus watching over SKY TREE, the relationships that have started to bond today between the students and everyone who welcome you at Chuo will color your future lives.

I sincerely pray for your health and challenges ahead, and congratulate you again for this special day.