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On Graduation Day – Farewell Messages

Transition to tomorrow

Manabu Tsuzuki/ Dean, Faculty of Letters, Chuo University

Manabu Tsuzuki

Congratulations on your graduation. Graduation means you have completed your academic studies. You have all studied in your specialist fields and obtained a university degree. That diploma is the fruit of your efforts and result of your study. I want you to treasure all that you learned at university for the rest of your lives. I hope that you will apply the foundation that you built to grow and mature even further in the future.

The word graduation (sotsugyo) consists of the two characters「卒業」, 「卒」meaning to finish, and「業」to begin. The event called graduation is both an end and a beginning. Graduation is the closing of one chapter of your life. I am sure that all of you who led a fulfilling time at university are excited and confident about the new chapter in life that will start tomorrow. I wish for your content closure of university life so that you are able to take your next steps with confidence.

From tomorrow, your university days will be in the past. Memories are nostalgic and beautiful. Be sure not to hang on to past memories and linger. You must continue to build on the energy that will keep you going forward.

The graduation ceremony today officially finishes your days at university. The Japanese term that means “putting away” (shimatsu) are made of the characters「始」, start, and 「末」, end. In putting away matters, self-management is required. From tomorrow, focus on self-management in all aspects. I pray that you will begin to have awareness for self-management today.