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On Graduation Day – Farewell Messages

Time for reflection

Hisashi Kawai/ Dean, Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University

Hisashi Kawai

Congratulations on your graduation.

Right at the time when Japan was engulfed in anxiety caused by the Great East Japan Earthquake, you were taking your first steps as university students. Even so, there is no doubt that the past four years spent in Chuo University’s Faculty of Commerce has been extremely valuable in your lives. Why are these four years so valuable? Be it the specialized academic study in the seminars of your major, the devotion to preparing for difficult national examinations or focusing on sports clubs and cultural activities, you have been demanded to show the high level of work required as Chuo University students. In that process, many of you have tasted the hardship of not achieving your goals right away. However, the common factor in all cases is that your everyday activities were made by your own choices, and furthermore, you had time to think about them. In addition, you had friends who were disconnected with any kind of interest. These were the privileges of being a university student, as they were valuable assets that will lead to building self-reliance and sense of responsibility required to become a working adult.

Japan is now being questioned on its involvement in the world. What should be done to secure energy resources? How can we aim for globalization in a world constantly at war? I believe there are many things we need to consider. We may have been under the illusion that somebody is protecting us, and may be taking peace for granted. Is it not time to come out of our narrow perspectives and prepare for dramatic environmental changes? In this unstable economy, I feel that it is a sign that is telling us to take the time to reflect. Today, on your last day as a student, and before rushing into your busy new lives, I want you to think about what you specifically gained at Chuo University, and how you can apply your strengths in your future work and lives.

Finally, I pray from my heart that everyone’s lives, along with your dear families, are full of happiness.