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On Graduation Day – Farewell Messages

Congratulations on your graduation

Yoji Taniguchi/ Dean, Faculty of Economics, Chuo University

Yoji Taniguchi

Congratulations on your graduation.

Let’s revisit the four years you spent at Chuo University. The Great East Japan Earthquake struck just before you entered, which affected many of you. Nearly everyone here have been affected in some way.

Amid our prayers that a large natural disaster or crisis on the scale of the Great East Japan Earthquake does not reoccur, the reality is that the world has already been facing large crises, and many potential crises also exist. There are various crises including political, economic, social, religious and military crises. The world is in a state where a crisis could occur somewhere at any time. Globalization implies that a crisis in one region could possibly lead to a global crisis.

If pulling away from globalization and aiming for isolation or national seclusion is not an option, it is necessary for us to assume potential crises and think of pre and post-crisis measures. For example, as a precaution against potential risks, we need to take action to avoid the risk, make plans to minimize predicted damage through diversification of risks, and sign up for an insurance policy.

In the past four years as university students, you have spent a majority of your time at home, in classes, and part-time jobs. In short, we can say that you were in a comparatively protected location. From today, you will expand your horizons with a global perspective and along the way you may encounter uncertain and unsafe grounds. Even in difficult situations, I hope that you will fully apply the knowledge and wisdom you have gained at Chuo and prepare for a safe and secure future.