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Revision of scholarship system

New establishment of President’s Award/Dean’s Award Scholarship

First awards ceremony and exchange held on June 23rd

On the evening of June 23rd, an awards ceremony was held on the Tama Campus to recognize students receiving the President’s Award/Dean’s Award Scholarship which was newly established in the 2014 academic year.

The event was held as an opportunity for all scholarship students, including the 6 students receiving a Dean’s Award Scholarship from the 6 undergraduate schools, to receive stimulation from mutual interaction with confidence and pride, as well as to increase the motivation of students. The event was attended by President Fukuhara, Deans of 6 undergraduate schools, and scholarship committeemen.

President Fukuhara and Director Hirayama (Student Affairs Office) gave a message of encouragement to students: “You are all outstanding students who represent your undergraduate school. This new scholarship system has been implemented with the expectation that you will continue to grow after receiving the scholarship, and will invigorate our university through your activities.”

Applications for the new scholarship system are accepted in the spring. Application requirements and screenings differ at each undergraduate school. The President’s Award provides scholarship funds equivalent to half of tuition costs.

For further details, please contact the Faculty Office of each undergraduate school.