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Student Business Contest Winner

Korean student Mihi An (3rd-year student, Faculty of Commerce) won the Student Business Contest that involves an overnight workshop with students meeting for the first time. An described her impression of the contest.

Winner of the Student Business Contest King 2012
-What Product and Services Will Bring Innovation to Society?-
Exchanging ideas with members meeting for the first time

Mihi An
3rd-year student in the Department of Marketing and Trade, Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University, graduate of Jingeon High School, Korea

For this contest, 100 university students were selected from throughout Japan through a screening process of written documentation. The students were divided into 25 teams and participated in an 8-day, 7-night workshop in which they formulated and presented business plans.

Under the theme of “thinking design,” students worked to develop products and services which will revolutionize the experience of transportation.

I rode trains in order to observe passenger behavior and surveyed existing research. Based on my findings, I cooperated with my new team members and formulated ideas.

My team’s final presentation was entitled “View Green.”

Our idea was to project a scenery of farming villages on the windows of trains. The objective was to show the city residents where the food they eat comes from, and how they are grown.

In the end, our team was selected as the winner!

In addition to the satisfaction that comes from a successful presentation, I learned many things including the ability to work in a group, and also about theory-based presentation techniques.

An participated in and won the Business Contest King 2012 for University Students (Held by the Student Think Tank WAAV, Student Business Contest King Committee. Supported by Tokyo Metropolitan Government and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, and others.)
According to the committee, the Student Business Contest is the largest contest in Japan which involves formulating a business plan. Every summer, students selected from throughout Japan participate in an 8-day, 7-night workshop. So far, the contest has been held 17 times.
This article is introduced on the website providing information to international students, as well as in the email magazine Japan Alumni eNews, issued by the Japan Student Services Organization, and produced by Trans Factory, Inc.

An’s article is featured on the homepage of the Japan Student Services Organization (International Student Support and Japan Alumni eNews, February issue, Vol. 58, published on February 10, 2014).

Total number of international students at Chuo University: 783
Number of international students by Faculty/Graduate School (as of October 1, 2013)
  Faculty Graduate School
(Master’s Program)
Graduate School
(Doctoral Program)
Professional Graduate School Total
Regular students Non-regular students Regular students Non-regular students Regular students Regular students
Law 10 5 14 1 14 44
Economics 149 8 20 0 4 181
Commerce 247 9 24 3 7 290
Science & Engineering 53 2 24 22 7 108
Letters 38 21 18 10 13 100
Policy Studies 17 21 10 0 10 58
Public Policy 1 0 1
International Accounting 1 1
Total 514 66 111 36 55 1 783

*Non-regular: Exchange students and research students from partner institutions.

International students by nationality/region
(as of October 1, 2013)
Nationality/region No.
China 441
Korea 223
Taiwan 20
Malaysia 18
Vietnam 13
France 10
America 7
Thailand 6
Indonesia 5
Hong Kong 5
Myanmar 4
Singapore 3
Germany 3
Denmark 3
16 other countries (regions) 22
Total 783