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Top>HAKUMON Chuo [2012 Winter Issue]>[News & Chuo University News] Lecture to commemorate the founding of the Chuo University Association for Global Initiatives and the 75th anniversary of the founding of IBM Japan


[News & Chuo University News]

Lecture to commemorate the founding of the Chuo University Association for Global Initiatives and the 75th anniversary of the founding of IBM Japan

The future of an intelligent Earth made through IT

On November 17th, a lecture was held on the Korakuen Campus to commemorate the founding of the Chuo University Association for Global Initiatives and the 75th anniversary of the founding of IBM Japan. A total of 130 people attended the lecture, including Chuo University faculty, staff, undergraduate students and graduate students, as well as students from other universities and the general public. The size of the audience was so great that it exceeded the number of seats prepared in the lecture venue and people listened while standing in the aisles.

Businesspeople on the global frontline

Prior to starting the lecture, Vice-President Toshikazu Kato gave the following message: "The primary mission of a university is to conduct education and cultivate professionals. IBM Japan cooperates greatly with our university in projects such as the Program for Systematic Competency Development and Education and the WISE Program which promotes gender equality and supports women in the field of science and engineering. All of the instructors giving lectures here today travel across the globe on the frontline of research and development and business. This is a valuable opportunity for learning about IBM, a leading company in telecommunications concepts, as well as for directly receiving information from throughout the vast world. I hope that you will all find the lectures educational and beneficial." After the message, the 3-section lecture began.

Don't accept defeat

Information exchange meeting including students

The 1st section was entitled "From the World's Quiz King to the Medical King-The Future of Question Answering Technology and IT." Dr. Koichi Takeda, who holds a PhD in information science and is Technical Director of IBM Research Tokyo, introduced IBM's question answering system Watson, which competed on and won the American television quiz show Jeopardy! Dr. Takeda also discussed the application of Watson to medical diagnosis.

The 2nd section was delivered by Dr. Hideo Watanabe, who holds a PhD in engineering and also works at IBM Research Tokyo. The lecture was entitled "IT to Support Resilient Urban Planning-Smarter City & Resilient City." Following last year's Tohoku Earthquake, particular focus has been placed on the resilience for quick recovery to normal conditions after an emergency has occurred. Dr. Watanabe introduced IBM's IT technology (weather forecasts, traffic simulations, etc.) for realizing a smart city which can function in both normal conditions and emergencies.

In both the 1st and 2nd section, researchers who serve as project leaders at IBM gave direct and easy-to-understand lectures on themes which are related to students studying information systems, urban environments, management systems, electrical and electronic technology, chemistry and biological science.

The 3rd section featured a slightly different theme than the previous two. From the perspective of management and personnel cultivation, a lecture was given by Mr. Yoshinori Sakaue, Corporate Officer in charge of development and manufacturing of system technology at IBM Japan. The lecture was entitled "Professionals and Leadership in Global Society and at Global Corporations." When addressing participating students who will lead global society in the future, Mr. Sakagami concluded his message as follows: "It's important to assert one's self and not to accept defeat. Take action and be aggressive."

The lecture series ended with a message from Mr. Jon Robison, Corporate Officer in charge of marketing and communications at IBM Japan. "Japan is one of the world's most powerful countries," said Mr. Robison in encouragement of students who will lead the future of Japan, a technology superpower. "There are very few countries that possess the competitive power of Japan in the global market. You are members of a rising generation and are part of a young, clever and smart future. Until now, Japan has sought to differentiate itself from the rest of the world. However, I hope that you will act as Japanese who will contribute internationally to the world." Afterwards, an information exchange session (informal talk session) for Chuo University students was held. Participants in the session divided into 7 teams which included IBM instructors and employees.

In a relaxed atmosphere, participating students enjoyed drinks while deepening exchanges based on a variety of themes. Students talked with the lecturers and Chuo University alumni employed at IBM, discussing the form of global IT corporations, the meaning of diversity and career design. This concluded all of the day's events.