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[London Olympics Review]

I won a silver medal!

London Olympics
Silver Medalist, Men's Team Foil (Fencing)
Kenta Chida (graduated from Faculty of Letters in 2009; member of the Nexus Fencing Team)

Kenta Chida (graduated from Faculty of Letters in 2009; member of the Nexus Fencing Team) won a silver medal in the Men's Team Foil (Fencing) event at the London Olympics. He returned triumphantly to Chuo University with his long-coveted medal hanging from his neck (event held at Chuo University Surugadai Memorial Hall on the evening of September 20th).

Celebratory Event

The London Olympics marked the first time in history that a team event medal was won by Japanese fencers. It is also the first medal in history won by an affiliate of the Chuo University Fencing Club. The Fencing Club sent affiliates an invitation to a London Olympic Briefing and Celebratory Event. The celebratory event was filled with emotion.

There was thunderous applause and cheering when Kenta took the stage dressed in the red blazer and white paints which are the official uniform of Japanese Olympic athletes.

"During high school, I had an unimpressive record, finishing 3rd in the individual event at the interscholastic athletic meet. However, entering Chuo University was a major turning point for me."

While studying at Chuo University, Kenta competed in the Beijing Olympics in the men's individual foil. However, he had the bitter experience of losing his second match. "If I hadn't entered Chuo University, I might not be standing here today. I will continue to give my best effort in the future while taking advantage of the opportunity that I have been granted."

At the after-party, many people gathered around Kenta to take commemorative pictures with the medalist. Kenta was so popular that he could barely eat his meal!

Kenta with his father, Kenichi

Also taking the stage was Kenta's father, Kenichi (graduate from Chuo University in 1984; represented Japan for the Moscow Olympics), who is the principal of Motoyoshi Hibiki High School in Miyagi Prefecture. "I'm glad that I sent my son to Chuo University," said Kenichi with pride as he stood next to the medalist Kenta. Kenichi is also a graduate of Chuo University and a former member of the Fencing Club. Although he was selected to represent Japan at the 1980 Moscow Olympics, he was unable to compete because Japan boycotted the games. Perhaps his disappointment was alleviated on the evening of his son's celebratory event. As I watched Kenichi speaking with a smile on his face, I felt that winning a medal was the greatest goodness that Kenta could have done for his father.

Winning a medal through Kenta's performance

Also speaking at the event was Head Coach Naoto Okazaki (graduated in 1992; competed in 2000 Sydney Olympics) and Coach Koji Emura (graduated in 1984; competed in 1988 Seoul Olympics).

"I would like everyone to recognize Kenta's outstanding performance in the initial match with China and the semi-final match with Germany," said Coach Okazaki. His statement was met with shouts of agreement from the audience.

A message was also given by Shuji Hisano, Chair, Board of Regents (Chairperson of the Chuo University Alumni Association). "Kenta's capture of an Olympic medal will undoubtedly encourage reconstruction efforts in Kesennuma," said Chair Hisano in reference to Kenta's hometown of Kesennuma City, Miyagi Prefecture, which was devastated by last year's Great East Japan Earthquake. Next, Chancellor & President Tadahiko Fukuhara praised Kenta with the following statement: "Kenta's performance embodied the Chuo University message of 'Knowledge into Action.'"

Kenta with Chancellor & President Fukuhara

Kenta also gave the following message of support to current students who are preparing for an upcoming fencing tournament: "I know that you are very busy with one tournament after another. But, please put your full effort into every single match and make the most of your chances."

The event ended with everyone joining together to sing the school song and cheering song.

(Student reporter: Mutsumi Ogiwara, 4th year student in the Faculty of Law)

Medals in fencing events
Yuki Ota won a silver medal in the men's individual foil at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.