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Top>Hakumon CHUO [2010 Winter Issue]>[125th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition] Treasure of Students: Origins, Bonds and Memories of Chuo University

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[125th Anniversary Commemorative Exhibition]

Treasure of Students: Origins, Bonds and Memories of Chuo University

Visitors view the exhibition with great interest.

As part of events to commemorate the 125th anniversary of our university's founding, a commemorative exhibition entitled Treasure of Students: Origins, Bonds and Memories of Chuo University was held from November 13th to 20th. The event venue was the 2F corridor of Crescent Hall (Building No. 9) on the Tama Campus.

The commemorative exhibition used the 3 themes of origins, bonds and memories in order to examine the essence of the treasure of study. The first portion of the exhibition displayed a broad range of materials related to the period from the founding of the Igirisu Horitsu Gakko (English Law School) until its changing into the Tokyo Hogakuin (Tokyo College of Law). Materials included an exhibit on the 18 university founders.

Other materials on display included the lawyer's robe, crown and barrister (courtroom lawyer) wig of Rokuichiro Masujima (1857 to 1948), the first President of our university. Also featured were the student ID and travelogue of Nobushige Hozumi (1855 to 1926) during his study abroad at Middle Temple. Other rare items included materials from the around-the-world trip planned by Sojinkan Sugimura (1872 to 1945), a famous journalist representing Chuo University, as well as a hanging scroll written together with Nyozekan Hasegawa (1875 to 1969).

Of particular interest are the notes taken by Takeo Kikuchi (1854 to 1912) of lectures given by Professor John Green. These notes were taken when Kikuchi was studying abroad at Boston University. The notes are extremely valuable written materials which currently do not exist even in America.

Also included are materials related to Masayuki Sato (1865 to 1929), the first graduate of our university to assume the position of Director/Chairperson and to become involved in university operations. Sato supported the university in times of financial distress by investing his own personal funds. Postcards are exhibited which depict exchanges between Sato and university students studying abroad. These postcards depict the method of study at that period in time.

The Section for the Compilation of University History (part of the Center for Admissions) spent 1 year preparing to hold this commemorative exhibition. The event was made possible through cooperation from descendants of the founders, the Chuo University Library, and external institutions who provided valuable material for exhibition.

The second portion of the exhibition introduced the glorious history and records of Chuo University's participation in the Hakone Ekiden (relay road race). Our university has participated in the race a record 84 times, including a streak of participation in 81 consecutive races. Chuo holds illustrious records that include a total of 14 victories among which 6 were consecutive. On display was the famous red sash from our university's victory in the 72nd Hakone Ekiden (1996), as well as various victory trophies and plaques.

The third portion of the exhibition featured an interactive art display entitled A Diorama of Light and Memories. The display used models of the Surugadai, Korakuen and Tama Campuses. In the display, placing the pointer on top of a model school building caused a flow of images related to that location to be displayed on a white cloth hanging vertically over the display. Through the series of images, it was possible to reflect nostalgically on the scenery of the campuses in past times.

The following explanation was given by the creator and director of the display, Mr. Takahiro Matsuo: "The flow of images depicts how history continues from the past to the present."

(Student Reporters: Ayaka Kaji (1st year student in the Faculty of Letters), Yuuki Nakano (1st year student in the Faculty of Law)