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Top>Hakumon CHUO [2010 Winter Issue]>[Greeting the 125th anniversary of our founding] Holding a lavish ceremony to commemorate our 125th anniversary Use of CG images, performance of VR and skits Returning to our founding spirit, focus on the future

Hakumon CHUOIndex

[Greeting the 125th anniversary of our founding]

Holding a lavish ceremony to commemorate our 125th anniversary

Use of CG images, VR performance and skits
Returning to our founding spirit with a focus on the future

Ceremony commemorating the 125th anniversary of our universities founding. Featured 1,600 attendees.

Chuo University, which has greeted its 125th anniversary, held a lavish commemorative ceremony on Saturday, November 13th. The venue for the ceremony was Crescent Hall (Building No. 9) on the Tama Campus. The nearly 1,600 attendees included distinguished guests, Chuo graduates, representatives of overseas affiliated schools and other universities, and officials of Chuo University. Our 125th anniversary was celebrated with great solemnity, including reflections upon our founding spirit through the use of drama and VR (virtual reality), entitled Chuo University: Origin, Memories and Path to the Future. The ceremony was simultaneously broadcast in the large lecture room in Building No. 8, as well as distributed on the Internet.

The ceremony began at 2:00 PM with a sublime performance of the marching song Ōkan (Crown) by the Music Group, Culture League, Association of Student Clubs, Chuo University. The ceremony was moderated by Ms. Sumie Sone (graduate from the Faculty of Economics) and Mr. Masataka Yamaguchi (4th year student in the Faculty of Letters).

Respect and gratitude towards founders and predecessors

Mr. Shuji Hisano (Chair, Board of Regents) delivers a speech.

The opening address was given by Mr. Nobuyuki Okubo (Vice-Chairman, Board of Regents), who served as the Chairperson of the 125th Anniversary Commemorative Event Committee. The opening address was followed by speeches from Mr. Shuji Hisano (Chair, Board of Regents) and President & Chancellor Kazuyuki Nagai.

Chairman Hisano made the following statement during his speech: "It is a great honor and pleasure to be able to hold this commemorative ceremony for our 125th anniversary." He continued by expressing his respect and gratitude towards the founders and predecessors who established the brilliant tradition and high standing of Chuo University. Chairman Hisano also expressed aspirations for the future as follows: "Chuo University shall seek to become a university with a global presence. We shall contribute to society, increase the richness of society, and create a future based on compassion."

Chancellor & President Kazuyuki Nagai

Chancellor & President Nagai took the podium dressed in academic regalia. After expressing his respect and gratitude towards the forefathers of our university, he made the following statement: "In order to respond to complicated social conditions, it is necessary to cultivate the wisdom to recognize and confront social problems." Chancellor & President Nagai also emphasized the following: "Universities must possess a universal perspective while conducting comprehensive and composite education." He closed his speech with a pledge: "I vow to lead our university to even greater glory."

Mr. Kan Suzuki (Vice-Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

Speeches by distinguished guests began with Mr. Kan Suzuki (Vice-Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). Vice-Minister Suzuki introduced his own career by revealing that his experience as a Visiting Professor at the Chuo University Faculty of Policy Studies was the impetus for his pursuing a life of education. He also gave the following congratulatory statement in place of Mr. Yoshiaki Takaki (Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology), who was unable to attend the ceremony: "Chuo University has contributed to the growth of our country, producing countless outstanding professionals who are active in various fields. I would like to express my respect towards the tireless effort of your university."

Mr. Katsuhiko Shirai (President of the Japan Association of Private Universities and Colleges (JAPUC))

Speeches continued with the following statements made by Mr. Katsuhiko Shirai (President of the Japan Association of Private Universities and Colleges (JAPUC)): "Since the founding of the JAPUC in 1951, Chuo University has constantly played a leading role in contributing to the growth of private education. Even now, your university is striving to achieve a new form in the 21st century. I expect that Chuo University will continue to make enormous contributions to education in Japan."

The final speech was given by Mr. Adrian Whitfield QC, Director of Middle Temple Advocacy, The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple, London. Mr. Whitfield made the following statement to congratulate Chuo University and praise its founders: "I am extremely proud that the 4 lawyers, including Dr. Rokuichiro Masujima, who participated in the founding of Chuo University had studied at Middle Temple. At that time, the act of a single person traveling halfway around the world to study the laws of a foreign country was accompanied by great difficulty and feelings of solitude. In that respect, Dr. Masujima is one of my personal heroes."

Precious material of the Middle Temple

Mr. Adrian Whitfield (The Honourable Society Middle Temple, London)

Speeches by distinguished guests were followed by an intermission. The ceremony then moved into the next stage with a performance of the marching song Pomp & Circumstance by the Music Group of Chuo University, as well as performances by the Mixed Chorus and Men's Chorus.

The stage featured a VR performance and drama skit entitled Chuo University: Origin, Memories and Path to the Future. The performance was written and directed by Professor Emiko Kuroda of the Faculty of Policy Studies. The drama skit was a fictional performance which lasted approximately 30 minutes and was backed by a violin and piano performance. The skit consisted of 3 actors: Mr. Sankyo Yanagiya (graduate from Chuo University Senior High School), a rakugo (Japanese comedy) comedian; Ms. Chie Miyagabara (4th year student in the Faculty of Policy Studies), a musical actress; and Mr. Takuma Yoshioka (3rd year student in the Faculty of Commerce). The stage was backed by a large screen (12 meters by 15 meters) on which VR images replicating scenes from the time of Surugadai to the present were projected through the use of high-level computer graphics technology.

The story started with the premise that a controller was used to skip through space and time. Rokuichiro Masujima's independent foreign study at Middle Temple in 1881 was replicated. Also projected on the screen were precious materials from when Masujima graduated from Middle Temple in 1883 by passing an examination on Roman law with an outstanding score.

Also depicted were scenes of how the school buildings in Kanda were burnt during the Great Kanto Earthquake and were then moved to Surugadai. Some attendees were moved to tears by the replication of the song Sekibetsu-no-Uta (Sorrow of Parting) being performed in 1944 to send away Chuo alumni going to fight in WWII.

The VR and drama skit closed with the following message: "Active knowledge is a spirit of considering fellow mankind and our future. Kindness to others reveals the road to economic, social and environmental prosperity." The end of the performance was greeted by applause and jubilation from the audience.

Chuo University Oath recited by 34 students

Next, the Chuo University Oath was recited by 34 students consisting of current Chuo University undergraduate and graduate students, students from Professional Graduate Schools, and students from affiliated high schools and junior high schools. The commemorative ceremony closed with all attendees standing and joining in a chorus of the school song.

34 students recite the Chuo University Oath

(Student Reporter: Yuuki Nakano (1st year student in the Faculty of Law)