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Top>Hakumon CHUO [2010 Summer Issue]>[Special report] A promising rookie Track and field team Mr. Jun Kimura (1st year student in the Faculty of Law)

Hakumon CHUOIndex

[Special report] A promising rookie

Track and field team

Mr. Jun Kimura (1st year student in the Faculty of Law)

"Unlike the competitions during high school, I felt that I was representing the university, which makes me very nervous," Mr. Kimura said, reflecting on the Kanto inter-collegiate championship which was held at the national stadium in May.

Not well prepared for the Kanto inter-collegiate championship

Mr. Kimura lost in the qualifying round of the 200m sprint at the Kanto inter-collegiate championship. However, as a member (third runner) of the Chuo University 4x400m relay team, he contributed to earning the bronze medal. He said, "I felt that I was not well prepared. I realized that I cannot achieve good results in university track and field without first developing as a human being."

Now, he braces himself, saying "I am going to go back to the basics and start from the beginning."

Mr. Kimura, originally from Okinawa, achieved excellent results during high school: a gold medal for the 200m sprint at the Japan junior championship and a silver medal for the 200m sprint at the inter-high school championship in 2009. The gold medal winner of this inter-high school championship was Mr. Shota Iizuka. The former high school rivals are now competing as teammates for Chuo University.

In a slump during high school

Mr. Kimura began track events when he was 9 years old. From first to third grades of primary school, he played soccer, influenced by his big brother. He then quit the soccer team and joined the local track club. "Soccer is a team sport. I did not like teammates blaming one another. I thought I was more fitted for individual sports."

Mr. Kimura showed a talent for track during those primary school days and became a finalist for the 100m sprint at his first national competition when he was 14 years old. However, during high school, he often suffered from injuries and had been in a slump, being unable to break his best record. For Mr. Kimura, an elite who had never lost in Okinawa, it was a large setback.

"I had my pride, so I was very depressed. But I told myself to forget my junior high school glories and re-start from the basics." Since then, his motto is always "to retain a beginner's mind".

Improve speed in the first half of the sprint

His immediate challenge is very clear; "the 200m sprint is my main focus. I want to improve my speed in the first 100m. To achieve this, I am going to condition my body to be suitable for the Tokyo climate."

"I want to work on the track at my own pace, calmly as well as vehemently." Mr. Kimura said. He seems to be really enjoying the track program, as he says, "my hobby is track."

(Student Reporter: Momoka Kumagai; 1st year student in the Faculty of Law)