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Top>Hakumon CHUO [125th Anniversary Issue]>International exchange gathering with exchange students and alumni Enjoyable, lively social interaction involving about 400 people

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International exchange gathering with exchange students and alumni
Enjoyable, lively social interaction involving about 400 people

The lively international exchange gathering

An international exchange gathering involving exchange students studying at Chuo University and alumni took place on June 26 at Arcadia Ichigaya (Shigaku Kaikan) in Tokyo. An annual event, this year marks the 22nd time the gathering has taken place. About 250 exchange students participated, and with the alumni present, a total of about 400 people participated in the congenial exchange.

TBS announcer Naoki Takekata (1986 graduate) was the emcee and the gathering began with an opening announcement from executive committee president Kazuyoshi Endo. Kojiro Masuda, director of Hakumon 46-Kai continued the proceedings by saying, “With the catch phrase 2010 Hakumon, Friendship (yuai in Japanese) YOU & I, I want this to be a gathering where everyone gets along with each other and feels glad that you all studied at Chuo.”

Chancellor and President Kazuyuki Nagai was next to give a speech and said, “This gathering is being held at a wonderful venue where you can see Chuo University's new Ichigaya Tamachi building. I would like to give my thanks to all of those involved.” After this, foreign student association representative Yutaka Tanizawa, an exchange student from China, gave a speech welcoming the interaction. In his speech, he said, “This is my second year at Chuo University. I participated in this event last year and learned from the seniors I met. We could open up and talk with each other, and that's a good thing for exchange students.”

After the introduction of the guests, Chairman of the Board of Regents Shuji Hisano, who also works as Chuo University Alumni Association President, enlivened the venue with a few words. “You must understand each other and develop. Let's enjoy giving our all,” he said.

After a toast, the party switched to fostering closer relations, friendly talk and exchange. A great array of food was lined up on the tables of the spacious venue, and with music from various countries being played, groups made up of alumni and exchange students formed everywhere, and interaction spread.

One member of Hakumon 46-Kai is a leading performer in the Muramatsu Company, and provided entertainment with a shamisen recital, dance and folk songs. While the gathering proceeded along merrily, the atmosphere became even livelier when a jumbo lottery was held with luxurious prizes including audio systems.

As the enjoyable party came to a close, Hwang Taeun from South Korea, representing the exchange students, stood to give a speech of thanks and showed his appreciation by saying, “I am pleased that you organized a gathering where many exchange students could get together.”

To finish things off, after the Chuo University fight song, everyone put their arms around each other's shoulders and sang Sorrow of Parting (Chuo University's student song), forming a huge fraternal circle. With Hakumon 46-Kai general secretary Tsutomu Hanzawa's closing remarks, the gathering came to a reluctant end.

(Student reporter Miyuki Nozaki, third year student in the Faculty of Law)